Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


What was the significance and impact of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I? 



Children will compare Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and learn about the changing nature of monarchy. They will examine how monarchs tried to control their public images using portraits and royal progresses.



Sculpture and 3D: mega materials 



Children will explore how different materials can be shaped and joined to help them create their own sculptures. They will learn about techniques used by artists as diverse as Barbara Hepworth and Sokari Douglas-Camp.



Mechanical systems: slingshot cars 




Children will design and build slingshot cars. They will learn about chassis, shape design and testing.



Photo editing



Children will develop their understanding of how digital images can be changed and edited, and how they can then be re-saved and reused. They will consider the impact that editing images can have, and evaluate the effectiveness of their choices.



Tennis, dodgeball and swimming 



Children are expected to have indoor and outdoor kit in school at all times including trainers. Please make sure all kit is labelled.


Tennis - children will develop skills such as the get ready position, racket control and forehand and backhand ground strokes. They will learn how to score points and how to use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition. Children are given opportunities to play games and are taught the importance of playing to the rules.


Dodgeball - children will improve on key skills used in dodgeball such as throwing, dodging and catching. They will learn how to apply simple tactics to outwit their opponent and be given opportunities to evaluate and improve their performances. 






In Jigsaw, our focus this term is relationships. Children will think about all the different relationships they have with other people. We will have a number of discussions on the themes of jealousy, love and loss, memories, getting on and falling out, boyfriends and girlfriends, and celebrating special relationships.



French: telling stories 

Children will explore the story of "Arc-en-ciel" (The rainbow fish), reading aloud and practising pronunciation of French vocabulary. They will be reading and writing their own versions of the story "Grand Monstre Vert," recapping adjectives, facial features and colours.



Expression and improvisation 



Children will learn to play a range of songs using the glockenspiels. They will express their feelings through improvisation. Throughout the unit, children will have the chance to listen to and appraise a range of different songs.