Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


In Geography this half term, our key question is 'How do volcanoes and earthquakes affect people's lives?'. To help us explore this key question, we will be learning about how and where volcanoes and earthquakes occur, what happens during an earthquakes and what the effects of volcanic eruption are on humans. We will have the opportunity to use a range of sources to support our lessons including videos, atlases and books.



Our PE focusses this half term are yoga and tag-rugby. In our yoga sessions, we will learn how to be mindful and body aware. We will learn a range of yoga poses and techniques that will challenge our balance, flexibility and strength. In our tag-rugby sessions, we will be learning the skills of defending, passing the ball and dodging a defender. We will apply our learning to a game of tag-rugby, learning how to play to the rules and play fairly. We are fortunate that we will also have the opportunity to attend a tag-rugby tournament with other schools.



In DT this half term, our focus will be 'Cooking and Nutrition: Eating Seasonally'. We will be researching where different foods come from and explaining why food comes from all over the world, this will allow us to make connections to our knowledge of our trade topic last half term. We will then have the opportunity to make our own fruit or vegetable tarts, which will allow us to develop our food preparation and cooking skills. 



In Art, our focus is on 'Growing Artists'. We will explore the work of different artists and think about the techniques that they use in their work. We will then apply these techniques to create our own artistic pieces inspired by the work of other artists. 



In Computing, we will be learning how to program. To support us, we will be using 'Scratch'. We will be exploring how to sequence motion, sound and events blocks to create our own program.



In French, we will be learning and responding to classroom commands and naming and labelling objects found in the classroom. We will also start to learn about the names of colours in French. 



Our musical spotlight is 'Composing Using Your Imagination'. We will have the opportunity to listen to, sing and play along with different songs. We will then compose our own melodies that we will play, using our own imagination to tell a story. 



Our Jigsaw focus is 'Dreams and Goals'. We will be thinking about our own dreams and ambitions for the future and how we will achieve these. We will then consider challenges that both we and other people may face when trying to achieve their goals and these can be overcome. For our end of unit piece, we will design a garden for someone who is facing a challenge.