Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!



What does your child learn at school each day?


Bredon Hancock’s C of E First School's philosophy of education stems from the desire to instil in all pupils a love of themselves, each other, their learning and the world around them, whilst giving all of our learners the transferable skills and knowledge they will need to be well rounded individuals.


Our curriculum strives to develop excellence.  In addition to the National Curriculum and the Programme of Study, Bredon Hancock's C of E First School acknowledge the ‘hidden Curriculum’ and ensure that this is also taught to all pupils. We recognise that no child can be judged wholly successful based on academic ability alone. We aim to ensure our pupils develop their awareness of how and why we as a school aim to serve the wider community, utilising the local area, as well as the local community, to co-educate our pupils. Furthermore, our curriculum is designed to acknowledge the challenges our pupils may and do face, as well as the opportunities they have, and is carefully crafted to embrace and utilise these. Our curriculum ensures pupils develop their resilience, become reflective learners who also show resourcefulness, can reason and are reciprocal – they all ‘Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve’ within their education at our school. Our pupils embrace social diversity and have an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.


We are very much a Church of England school and all that we do is underpinned by our Christian Vision 'Do everything in Love.' Much of our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of our work come from our Christian distinctive vision and values.


Our expectations are for all pupils to achieve their potential and, as unique individuals, they will be supported and encouraged through a range of strategies to be the best they can be, across a broad range of subjects and skills. Part of our vision is for every pupil to achieve the highest possible standards in all of the identified National Curriculum subjects. We have designed a clear, deliberate and progressive curriculum that ensures children build upon the key substantive and disciplinary knowledge identified, through carefully crafted lessons that utilise retrieval practice (Flashbacks) to ensure the learning is embedded.  Learning is often further enhanced by providing the children with real life experiences provided by Educational Visits and specialist visitors, drama and role-play.


If parents require any further information about the curriculum at Bredon Hancock's CE First School and would like to see it in action, please make an appointment. Miss Davies in the school office will direct you to the appropriate person.

Curriculum Redesign 2022- Our own learning journey!


Since April 2022, a considerable amount of time has been dedicated to meticulously auditing our curriculum and instructional practices, taking into careful consideration the prevailing context of our school. In response to this, we have undertaken a comprehensive rejuvenation of our curriculum, adopting an approach that imparts subjects discretely while establishing organic connections to related areas. Central to this initiative has been the identification of pivotal concepts, fostering collaboration across all year groups and the Middle School to enhance our pupils' depth of understanding and retention of knowledge.


Moving forward, we are committed to an ongoing process of reflection and refinement in our educational provision. Recognising the dynamic nature of our context and the ever-evolving landscape of national influences, we remain steadfast in our commitment to adaptability and responsiveness. Our pledge is to remain vigilant and attuned to changes, ensuring that our educational practices continue to align with the prevailing needs of both our immediate environment and broader national dynamics.


Bredon Hancock's Long Term Plan of National Curriculum Programmes of Study / Themes