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Class 4

Calculating area

In their maths lessons with Mrs Eeles, the children have been learning about perimeter and area. We started learning about area by estimating and then working out how many sticky post-it notes covered various surfaces in the classroom. Lots of children soon worked out that they could calculate the area quickly by using their multiplication skills! Well done.

Spring term

This term, we have been looking at the impact of the Roman invasion of Britain. This week we focused on Roman villas before creating our own mosaics using glass tiles. We had some very interesting patterns created and even some mosaics depicting animals and Roman artefacts.

Autumn Term



Welcome back to a brand new school year children and parents of Year 4. I know that we are going to have a brilliant year that we will all enjoy. 

Hooray for Hockey


This week, the children attended the Quicksticks hockey festival at De Montfort School in Evesham. We have been practising hockey in school this half term and this was a perfect opportunity to show off our skills. I was so impressed with their fantastic teamwork skills and the sportsmanship they displayed. I was so pleased with how much improvement they made throughout the experience and how happy they looked at all times. Great work Year 4!

Summer Term

Active Angles


Today, we experienced a pretty unique opportunity to draw on the tables in Year 4! This was a large part of our angles lesson which required the children to cover the tables with lines of masking tape. This led to a bizarre spider web of lines, giving us plenty of angles to identify and measure. This was a really enjoyable experience and thankfully we were able to clean the tables off before Mr Hayhoe got in too much trouble. 


Super Sports Week


What a fantastic Sports week we just had. I was so impressed with how the children threw themselves into all of their activities this week. We took part in a wide variety of sports including; Karate, Pound and Tchoukball. We even got to play Quidditch! 


This week was topped off by an excellent Sports day where the children displayed great determination and excellent sportsmanship. You should all be very proud of yourself Year 4. 

Spring term

Brilliant bridges 


During our STEM week, Year 3 and 4 teamed up to complete a bridge building challenge.


We started off by looking at lots of different types of bridges that can be found in the world. The children were amazed by the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China, some of them even bravely suggested that they would cross it themselves. 


Using a variety of junk resources, the children had to create a bridge that would cross a 30cm gap between two tables. We then tested the strength of their creations by seeing how many marbles it could hold without collapsing. 

Rocking Romans


This week, Year 4 went on a fantastic trip to The Corinium Museum in Cirencester. It was a brilliant day out and we learnt so many new facts to go alongside our previous learning.


As well as investigating lots of great exhibitions, we also had some hands on experiences of everyday Roman life in Britain. The children got to play a variety of Roman games, dress up in Roman attire and even create their own mosaics.

It was a really fun trip and I know that some of the children would like to return with their families in the future.

Autumn term

Unbelievable umbrellas 


This week the children were set a STEM themed homework. Their challenge was to create a new umbrella to replace Mrs Patrick's broken one. The children did a fantastic job with their creations and I was pleased to see how enthusiastic they all were. 


All the designs were very successful and very few children got wet when we tested them. 



Spectacular STEM Superstars


On Thursday, the children in Year 4 and 5 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Mrs Lalor from STEMworks. Mrs Lalor was kind enough to deliver a Knex workshop that required us to combine our teamwork skills and engineering ability. The children were tasked with designing a new train station out of Knex. Their train station had to include lots of different elements, including; two platforms, a ticket office, coffee shop and most importantly … toilets.

The children had a fantastic day and I was so impressed with the range of STEM skills they displayed.

Leon and the Place Between 


This half-term the children have been studying the book Leon and the Place Between. We have done loads of interesting work based on this story including; artwork predicting the future, fairground poetry and even some drama. Having now finished the book, the children have created an alternative story that follows the tale of a side character. This was called ‘The Rabbit’s tale’ and it was written from the perspective of the white rabbit that Leon meets in the Place Between.


The children were all incredibly enthusiastic and enjoyed writing their stories. We even had a go at an origami bookmaking technique so we could turn our stories into mini-books.

Terrific tournament


This week, Mr Hayhoe had the pleasure of taking Class 4 to a hockey festival at De Montfort School in Evesham. We have been practising hockey in school this half term and this was a perfect opportunity to show off our skills.


The children performed fantastically and I was very impressed with their sportsmanship and teamwork.


Autumn term 


What an excellent Autumn term we have had so far in Class 4. We have been incredibly busy with our Fabulous Fantasy topic. As a part of this we have written non-chronological reports about monsters and letters from the perspective of fairy tale villains.

Spectacular skipping


Today the children braved freezing temperatures to take part in a fantastic skipping workshop. They practiced the basics of skipping before learning some new tricks. Everyone had a fantastic time and I am pleased to see the children still perfecting these tricks on the school playground.

Telling the time is tremendous!!!!


One of our more recent maths topics was telling the time. First, we built on our previous understanding of analogue time. Following that we looked at digital time, including 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. We even looked at time on Children in Need day, meaning we could do maths in our pyjamas!

Summer term

What a busy Summer we had in Class 4. The term was filled with loads of wonderful experiences and learning. We did loads of sports and went on some fantastic trips. I have really enjoyed my time with the children this year and I know they will have an incredible time in Class 5 with Mr Dennis. 

Sports week 


Class 4 had a great experience during Mr Hayhoe's favourite week of the school calendar. All the children took part with great enthusiasm and displayed hidden talents in a wide range of sports. The children certainly enjoyed the opportunity to get revenge for all the spelling tests during the karate session. 


As well as this the children gained new skills in street dance, hula hooping, fencing and many more... 

Bellboat Regatta 


The children were fantastic during our trip to the river at Pershore. They competed superbly in all the races and always gave their best effort. One of our Year 4 teams even came 4th out of all of the teams in their age group. 


I can only imagine how great they will by the time the Regatta rolls around next year.

Class 4 Spring term


What a crazy term that was!!! Class 4 really impressed me with their amazing work last term. 


In literacy we helped Wallace & Gromit by designing our own cracking contraptions and writing explanation texts about them. We also studied Cinderella stories from other cultures, these included: the Caribbean, China, Native American and the gruesome Brothers Grimm version.


Pleasantly, the children really enjoyed our short focus on Shakespeare. They really embraced the colourful characters and interesting language.

Alice in Wonderland


My most memorable moment of the last term was certainly the Key Stage 2 performance of Alice in Wonderland. I am incredibly proud of how hard each child worked to ensure the play ran smoothly. I will certainly still be whistling those songs around school well into the Summer term.  


Alice in Wonderland

Class 4   2016 / 2017 Autumn term

ELF & Safety


This week Year 3 and 4 teamed up for some seasonal science. Mr Hayhoe and Miss Dobbs received a letter from Santa Claus asking for help from the children. Their goal was to design a way for an elf to travel down a zip line safely and quickly. Finding a safe way for the elves to deliver presents would certainly reduce Santa's workload. 


Working in small groups, the children designed and built their creations for testing. They created some amazingly inventive designs, displaying superb scientific thinking and understanding of fair testing. 

ELF & Safety

This term Class 4 visited Worcester Cathedral to take part in Pilgrims Quest. This was a fantastic day out where the children learnt loads about the Cathedral and what it meant to be a pilgrim. All the children took part in a collective prayer session and enjoyed craft activities. On our tour around the Cathedral we even saw the remains of a medieval pilgrim who had walked all the way to Worcester Cathedral from Spain. 

World Book Day


The children shared a great day with Year 5 and children from Elmley Castle. We all dressed up and read our favourite stories to our friends. The children also created giant artwork based on "The Gruffalo" and took part in a World Book Day quiz. 

Science week a success!!!


What a fun week we had. The week started with a flood of experiments as we joined with Class 3 to investigate boat building by designing and making our own boats. The children had brilliant ideas about how they could waterproof their boat and how their designs would allow them to hold the most weight before sinking. Having went first I was very confident I would win. However, I was easily beaten by some excellent amateur boat builders (and Miss Dobbs). 


On Tuesday the children experienced a great science assembly that tested their scientific thinking skills. It also gave the children a chance to try out slimy science and perform a magic trick.


Continuing on with a water theme Classes 3 and 4 joined to investigate water resistance. We looked at different shapes and how streamlined they were. The children displayed excellent scientific reasoning in their ideas about which shapes were streamlined and why.

Science Week!

Starting on Monday the school will be taking part in science week. Miss Dobbs and I are planning lots of joint experiments between Class 3 & 4. Make sure that you come into school with your imaginary lab coats on next week and be prepared to think like a scientist. 

Spring term!


What a fantastic winter term we just had. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 


Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt. I know the children are already enjoying the topic and are always keen to share any extra learning they have done at home. 


We have already had a very busy first two weeks back with outdoor learning and a school trip. 

Finding habitats around school.

As a part of our new science topic 'Animals and their habitats' the children got to carry out investigative fieldwork around the school grounds. The children were looking for all the different habitats that may of been home to living organisms. We found may different types of habitat including; bird-boxes, a hedgehog house, tree stumps and flowerbeds.


WOW! What a crazy seven weeks we had last half term. We managed to fit in so much with European day of languages, cross country, harvest and a trip to Elmley Castle. 


Houses from around the World.

As a part of our Changing Earth topic we looked at different climates around the World. We researched the different types of houses people lived in and how they are built to suit the conditions. The children worked incredibly hard on their models and they were really proud of what they achieved. 

European day of languages

Autumn Term 2015

What a great first three weeks we have had so far! This terms topic is all about 'Changes'. In History we are looking at some of the major changes that have happened to Britain since 1930. We have already researched Butlins and discussed why it was a popular holiday destination in the 1950s.  


The theme of Geography is ‘Changing Earth’, where we will be focusing on: climate, earthquakes and volcanoes. We are hoping to start building our ‘Homes from around the World’ projects in the next few weeks. So keep an eye out for any rubbish/materials that could be reused to create our houses. 

Talk for Writing

In Literacy we have really enjoyed learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood using Talk for Writing. Learning the actions has really made the story come to life. Next week we shall be putting our own individual spin on the story and performing them through drama. 

Last term was full of exciting things and here is a selection of them....


This term we are looking at Changes. What changes can you think of?

We have loved using the Ipads for a range of activities. Here's a selection of our work. This term we are looking forward to improving our photography skills.

We created Olympic stadiums for the Brazil Games in 2016. How would you have designed the buildings?

We had a go at using chopsticks, like they do in Vietnam, and solved problems with gummy bears. It wasn't easy to move the gummy bears and we had to lots of hard Maths thinking.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Chapman for our fantastic gingerbread house; it was a really tasty Christmas present!

We loved problem solving and Science with Year 3. It was hard to make a container that didn't leak!

This half term we have enjoyed a whole range of activities. Our highlights have been...


Cross Country at Bredon Playing Fields.


We learnt how to pace ourselves and that it's not always about being a fast sprinter. We showed some fantastic Christian values, in perseverance and friendship, in the way we took part and supported our friends.

We're really looking forward to our school and cluster cross country competitions now!


Lower KS2 Science Investigation Morning.

We did some fantastic Science thinking, across a whole range of subject areas, as well as conducting our very own fair test. We wanted to see which yeast food was the best. To find out we needed yeast, balloons and some clever ways of blowing them up! Our next Science morning will be investigating electricity, as a result of our wonderful conversations and enquiry.



Quicksticks competition.


We played some fantastic hockey and were really successful overall. We showed that we could apply our passing and dribbling skills, work well as a team and showed a great level of Sportsmanship. Well done to all involved.



I Sing Pop!





We spent a week learning 7 songs which we sang fantastically! We then got the chance to record our own CD and performed for our parents and local community in St Giles church. We had a really lovely time and understood the Christian messages in all of the songs. Even our parents had a great time joining in!




European Day of Languages




We had a really tasty French breakfast and learnt lots of Spanish throughout the day. We counted to 10 and learnt the colours too. We enjoyed watching flamenco dancing and collaging flamenco dresses.


Forest School with Mrs Shorthouse.


We have produced some fantastic art work during our first two Forest School sessions. We have been inspired by the beautiful Autumn leaves in the school grounds.


Welcome to Class 4!

Miss Hitchman and all of the other Year 4 staff are very excited about the term ahead.

Our first topic this year is 'Passport to the World' and we're looking forward to learning all about: Brazil, Gambia, Vietnam, France and The Caribbean as well as taking part in several activities from those countries too.


Check in soon for photos of all of our favourite parts.
































Welcome to Class 4!

We have had a fantastic year and have managed to fit an awful lot in to our summer term. Scroll down to take a look...

We enjoyed a trip to Worcester Cathedral. We loved seeing all of the art work as well as the cathedral

KS2 put on a Shakespear play in a day. We loved A Midsummer's Nights Dream...

This was great practise for our own play which we've written from scratch..

We learnt how to stay safe around the roads

Road Safety adverts

Still image for this video
We created road safety adverts to encourage people to stay safe.

We loved forest school!

Welcome to Class 4


Miss Hitchman and Miss Greenwood welcome you to Year 4!

Last term was a busy one and we have produced some fantastic work.

We have been learning all about the world around us.

We have learnt how to read and draw maps and are ready to use them in PE during the Summer term.

We created a wonderful dance after researching dances from around the world and having some help to create our English part.

Our Gambian masks and Caribbean inspired art and clay tiles turns out fantastically and we're very proud!


This term we are going to be learning all about the theatre and challenging ourselves in creating music and scripts. There's lots to look forward to! 


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