Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


Where does our food come from? 



Children will explore...

  • biomes and climate zones
  • locate where our food comes from
  • estimate food miles
  • consider the importance of Fairtrade



Digital world



Children will analyse and critique a number of timer designs. They will then use this to design and make their own mindfulness timer. They will learn to write programs using micro:bits and will finish by evaluating their finished product.



Creating media 



Children will learn about input and output devices, and discuss the ownership and copyright implications of digital audio. They will produce a podcast, which will include editing their work, adding multiple tracks, and opening and saving the audio files. Finally, children will evaluate their work and give feedback to their peers.



Gymnastics and Dodgeball



Children are expected to have indoor and outdoor kit in school at all times including trainers. Please make sure all kit is labelled.


Gymnastics - children will create and develop more complex sequences, both independently and with a partner. They will practice travelling actions, inverted movements, explore ways to include apparatus and be given opportunities to receive and provide feedback.


Dodgeball - children will improve on key skills used in dodgeball such as throwing, dodging and catching. They will learn how to apply simple tactics to outwit their opponent and be given opportunities to evaluate and improve on their performances.



Celebrating difference 



Children will learn about the importance of respect for similarity and difference. They will explore what makes them unique and promote anti-bullying.






Children will be learning how to say different sports in the French language, expressing their likes and dislikes and asking others which are their favourite sports. They will create a true or false quiz in French, about a timetable of sporting activities.



Explore feelings when you play



Children will listen to and sign a number of songs from a range of genres. They will play, improvise and compose using a selection of these notes: C, D, E, F, F, G, A, B, B. In addition to this, they will be practising songs for The Big Sing.