Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


In Geography, our focus moves to natural disasters, with a particular focus on volcanoes and earthquakes. We will follow the following objectives:

  • Name and order the four layers of the Earth;
  • State a fact about each layer of the Earth;
  • Detail what a tectonic plate is;
  • Explain how and where mountains are formed;
  • Explain how volcanoes form and describe their features;
  • List three ways volcanoes can be classified - active, dormant and extinct;
  • State what an earthquake is and where they happen;
  • Know how to record a symbol on a map.

Design and Technology:

In Design and Technology, we are focusing on mechanical systems, with our end outcome being to design and create a pneumatic toy. By the end of our unit, we will be able to:

  • Draw accurate diagrams with correct labels, arrows and explanations;
  • Correctly identify definitions for key terms;
  • Identify five appropriate design criteria;
  • Communicate two ideas using thumbnail sketches;
  • Communicate and develop one idea using an exploded diagram;
  • Select appropriate equipment and materials to build a working pneumatic system;
  • Assemble their pneumatic system within the housing to create the desired motion;
  • Create a finished pneumatic toy that fulfills the design brief.


Our P.E. lessons will focus on developing our Yoga and Netball skills. In Yoga, we will: 

  • Copy and link yoga poses together to create short flow;
  • Describe how yoga makes us feel;
  • Move from one pose to another in time with my breath;
  • Provide feedback;
  • Work with others to create flow;
  • Demonstrate stability in poses.


In Netball, we will:

  • Develop passing and moving and play within the footwork rule;
  • Develop passing and moving towards a goal;
  • Develop movement skills to lose a defender;
  • To defend an opponent and try to win the ball;
  • Develop the shooting action;
  • Develop playing using netball rules.



In French, we will continue to develop our understanding of the basics of the language, using the days of the week and numbers in every lesson. We will be introduced to new vocabulary based on classroom instructions and objects, and will be working towards putting this vocabulary into a conversation.



In Jigsaw, we will be developing our ideas based around 'Dreams and Goals'. We will explore people who have faced challenges and achieved success, identify dreams, identify ways to achieve our dreams, recognise obstacles which might hinder our success and be able to evaluate our own learning.



Our music lessons will be focused around the song ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley. We will discover the features of reggae songs, the messages within the songs and the rhythms that are contained within the songs. We will then be improvising to create our own melody for our own composition.


Our computing learning will be based around data and information. In our lessons, we will be exploring branching databases. We will develop our understanding of what a branching database is and how to create one. We will use yes/no questions to gain an understanding of what attributes are and how to use them to sort groups of objects. To conclude the unit, they will create an identification tool using a branching database, which they will test by using it. They will also consider real-world applications for branching databases.