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Class 2

Year 2 2020 / 2021

The Great Gingerbread Getaway


Today, Years 1 and 2 teamed up to take part in a festive STEM challenge. The Gingerbread man wanted to escape his house so he could help Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve. To help him, the children had to design and build devices that would allow him travel down his escape line safely. 

Pirates: Yay or Nay?


Today, the children engaged in a fantastic debate. They each had to provide arguments about whether pirates living next door would be good or bad. 


They all had to justify their opinions and we even saw some impressive counter arguments to previous points made by the opposing side. Perhaps the most impressive element was the confident speaking and also the respect all children showed their classmates throughout this debate. 


I can't wait for the next one!

Fantastic Fireworks!


To celebrate this year's bonfire night, the children created their own piece of firework art. We used chalks and oil pastels to create striking designs that are bursting with colour. Here are some of our examples. 

Living, dead, never alive


Today, the children were learning about the concept of 'What makes something living?' We talked about the different characteristics that need to be displayed to indicate something is alive. We then went and explored the school's outdoor spaces to find examples and then group them into three different categories; living, dead, never alive. 


We used the iPads to create picollages to help us display our findings. 

2019 / 2020

Pirate Ship Art

We created some Pirate ship art pictures before half term. We mixed lots of different mediums together to create our 3D pictures and they came out really well.

Fun Science 

We’ve had fun this week testing which materials would be the best to build a pirate ship. We have tested lots of different things ranging from glass to cork to cotton wool. We will be evaluating our results next week and seeing how we can make our ships waterproof.

We’ve been working really hard on our multiplication this week and the children have started making arrays using unifix cubes to help their understanding.

Happy New Year Everyone 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. We have got lots of fun things planned this year. We are all very excited about our new topic Pirates. You can find out more information about this on the curriculum page of the website! Below are a couple of pictures of our new role play area which Miss Roberts and I have been working hard on! I know the children are looking forward to dressing up and becoming pirates. Thanks again for your continued support, Miss Roberts and I are looking forward to working with you all again this term.

Mrs Kay has done some fantastic work on the epiphany with the children. Check out the beautiful art work!

We had a visit during our Christmas Jumper day!

Children in need - Joe Wicks and Pudsey fun!

Our anti bullying workshop

Our timelines of The Great Fire of London, we are good at sequencing!

Our Motte and Bailey Castles

We’ve had a lot of fun in gymnastics- Keep your eyes peeled for videos next half term

Warwick castle 

We had lots of fun at Warwick castle this half term. We had a castle tour, learning about castle life in the Middle Ages. We climbed the Motte and saw the mighty trebuchet.

Trebuchet and catapult building

Diwali fun

Harvest Festival

Welcome to the new school year!!

Autumn 2019

I am really looking forward to working with you all. We have got lots of fun things planned for the term ahead and I will try and keep you all up to date with what's happened inside and outside of school on here, so keep your eyes peeled.

We have had a fantastic start to the year with lots of Maths Problem solving - I wonder, could you solve our problems on place value?

Puppet Fun

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Luke Theatre company who put on a fantastic puppet show all about Christmas.


We have been looking at balance this half term in gymnastics. We've not quite finished our final routine but here are some of the highlights so far.

Stay and Play

We had lots of fun when our parents came to play with us for the afternoon. We played board games and some of us even had a go at monopoly.  

More Maths Problem solving and reasoning

We have had lots of fun exploring addition and subtraction this term and have deepened our understanding of number by using resources.

Place Value using resources to show understanding.

Viva España

We had lots of fun studying Spain for European Day of Languages. We learned how to say Hello - Hola and What are you called - Como se llama. We also learned how to count to 20 in Spanish and how to say what all of the colours are. 

European Day of Languages - Viva Espana

Could you solve this problem - We Did!

Problem Solving using Place Value

Warwick Castle!

We had so much fun on our recent trip to Warwick castle. We learned all about life in a castle, climbed the Motte and admired the view from up high, watched a real life archer, saw some birds of prey in action and had an amazing extra talk about attack and defence. 

More Maths Problem Solving

The Jungle Among Us

Mini-Beast Hunting

We've been having lots of fun with our new topic. We've been learning all about bees, butterflies and ants.

We loved Our Minibeast Hunt outside.

Reasoning in Maths

This term we have been doing lots of reasoning work and investigations to further our maths skills. Look at all the fun we've been having!

World Book Day

We had so much fun on World Book day and some of us have enjoyed completing the reading challenge set by Miss Hitchman.


We have had some amazing fun doing cricket this term and we even had a visit from a local club. All the children have enjoyed learning how to bowl over arm and hold our bat correctly.

We have been doing some exciting gymnastics work this term please check out our video on the video rescources section of the website. 



We have been doing some work with the bee-bots this term. We learnt what an algorithm is and how to debug a programme as well as writing simple instructions for making a square with a bee-bot.

Christmas Fun

We have been having lots of fun completing Christmas crafts and playing in the snow in the run up to Christmas. We have sadly said goodbye to Miss Thomas after our last Christmas play production. We're looking forward to completing a topic on pirates in the new year

Christmas Fun

Class 2 visit Pershore Fire Station

On Wednesday 1st November we visited Pershore fire station to find out how fires are fought today. This term we have been looking at the Great Fire of London and have been wondering why so many houses burnt down.

We have investigated how many proper firemen they had in 1666 (none!), what they wore (posh clothes and wigs!) and what they used to put out the fires (buckets of water from the river Thames).

At the fire station we were able to look at all the equipment that is used to put out fires, rescue animals from danger and save people from water. It was amazing how everything fitted in to the engine.

We had several questions for the firemen. Archie wanted to know how quickly they got dressed (about 10 seconds). He tried to put the clothes on at the same speed. I think he needs more practice!!

The best part of the morning was having a go with the fire hose. Everyone was allowed to squirt water across the car park. It was very hard to hold the hose still as the water came out very fast.

We had a great time at the fire station and it really helped us understand how differently fires are fought now to how they were fought in 1666.

Run, run as fast as you can

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!


This week Year 2 have been making gingerbread men because we were learning about the story 'The Gingerbread Man' for Harvest.  When we were cooking we had to listen very carefully and follow instructions because we know that the kitchen could be dangerous. We made our own characters from the story and then decorated them.  We loved making gingerbread men and had lots of fun, but we loved eating them more!


Welcome to the new school year!!

Autumn 2017

On Tuesday 26th September we took part in European Languages Day.  We have been learning about The Netherlands.  We dressed up in red, white and blue because these are the colours of the Dutch flag.  We have had a continental breakfast, tasted some cheese and started a display of tulips. 

Enjoy our photos!!