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C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Work, Achieve!

Class 2

Year 2   2021 / 2022

Land Ahoy!   Autumn 2 

Fantastic Fireworks!

The children have created some lovely firework art with chalk this week. We used templates to create silhouettes of a skyline with a colourful display in the distance.

The Animal Kingdom    Autumn 1

In class, we have been recreating different art styles using technology. This week, we were inspired by Pablo Picasso to create some Cubist portraits using the Pages app on the iPads. The children used the shape tool and then manipulated the size, colour and orientation to create some interesting effects. 

This half term we were really lucky to be regularly visited by Dave from Worcester Warriors. He coached the class in tag rugby and they absolutely loved every single session. It was amazing to see how much they progressed in the few weeks, especially those children that had never picked up a rugby ball before.  

Hopefully these sessions might inspire some of the children to look at playing rugby outside of school.  

Living, dead and never alive!

As part of our study of living things and their habitats, we looked at how to classify if something was alive, dead or never alive. Using that knowledge the children explored the school to look for examples that fit each category. 

The Power of Partitioning

The children have been really working hard to develop their place value knowledge recently. They are beginning to show a great understanding of the relationship between tens and ones and how a 2 digit number can be partitioned in a variety of different ways. Awesome work Year 2!

Year 2 2020 / 2021

The Great Gingerbread Getaway


Today, Years 1 and 2 teamed up to take part in a festive STEM challenge. The Gingerbread man wanted to escape his house so he could help Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve. To help him, the children had to design and build devices that would allow him travel down his escape line safely. 

Pirates: Yay or Nay?


Today, the children engaged in a fantastic debate. They each had to provide arguments about whether pirates living next door would be good or bad. 


They all had to justify their opinions and we even saw some impressive counter arguments to previous points made by the opposing side. Perhaps the most impressive element was the confident speaking and also the respect all children showed their classmates throughout this debate. 


I can't wait for the next one!

Fantastic Fireworks!


To celebrate this year's bonfire night, the children created their own piece of firework art. We used chalks and oil pastels to create striking designs that are bursting with colour. Here are some of our examples. 

Living, dead, never alive


Today, the children were learning about the concept of 'What makes something living?' We talked about the different characteristics that need to be displayed to indicate something is alive. We then went and explored the school's outdoor spaces to find examples and then group them into three different categories; living, dead, never alive. 


We used the iPads to create picollages to help us display our findings. 

Pirate Ship Art

We created some Pirate ship art pictures before half term. We mixed lots of different mediums together to create our 3D pictures and they came out really well.

Fun Science 

We’ve had fun this week testing which materials would be the best to build a pirate ship. We have tested lots of different things ranging from glass to cork to cotton wool. We will be evaluating our results next week and seeing how we can make our ships waterproof.

We’ve been working really hard on our multiplication this week and the children have started making arrays using unifix cubes to help their understanding.

Mrs Kay has done some fantastic work on the epiphany with the children. Check out the beautiful art work!