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Class 5

Welcome to Year 5 2021-2022

A very big welcome to you all and I hope you are ready for a very exciting year. I know it can be a nerve wracking time moving into the final class of our school but I hope, if you have any worries, you will be able to come in and see me and chat through any problems! 

We are hoping to get back to some kind of normality this year and have lots of exciting things planned. As always, my door is always open should you need any guidance or if you would just like a chat.

Please have a look through the 'Class Pages' and see all the exciting things we have to look forward too! 

Many thanks 

Mrs Bulman

Our ancient civilisation museum was a huge success this week. Year 3 studied The Shang Dynasty, Year 4 looked at Ancient Sumer and we studied The Indus Valley.

Fun with decimals this week

Space artwork in the Style of Peter Thorpe

We tried some space food and later in the week even had a go at dehydrating some of our own chosen food for space travel.

We had lots of fun during science week.

Finding equivalent fractions has never been so fun, it helped us with adding fractions.

Yoga- Live Session with Faye’s mummy

Welcome Back

After lockdown three, we’re happy to be back in school and continuing to celebrate our Around the World in 80 Bakes. We have visited the continents of Europe and Africa during the last two weeks of Lockdown and now we’re heading to Asia, specifically Japan. Then we’re heading to New Zealand in Oceania and finishing off in Florida, North America. Watch this space for some amazing work to follow!

Fun in the forest

Diwali - Creating rangoli patterns with coloured rice.

Cross Country 2020

European day of Languages - We looked at Spain's culture and even tried some flamenco dancing!


Fantastic Maths - We have been doing some great maths work using concrete apparatus to support our findings.

Takeover Day 2020

The children in Year 5 took over the school this term and became teachers, teaching assistants, headteachers and deputy headteachers. We even had school office managers, ICT technicians and sports coaches in school. The children went through an extensive process of applying for and interviewing for all the roles in school. They had to plan and deliver lessons, assemblies, sports and ICT lessons and help all the other staff around the school. It was a great day and we were all very proud of the class who worked so hard! 


Takeover Day

Malvern 2020

What can we say about Malvern, a fantastic adventure which has produced wonderful memories for us all to hold onto! We loved all aspects of it from the quad pole and zipwire to the Beacon walk and the Punch trails. The food was great, the sweets were tasty and we all got a little bit of sleep! Below are some pictures from the trip, there will be more to come and we will share as much as we can when we get back to school! A big thanks to all the staff at Malvern Outwardbound, Miss Dobbs and Mrs Page who stayed with us and Mrs Millar and Mrs Eeles who joined us on Thursday! 


Mr Dennis


Kodu and Computer Programming 2020

The childrne this half term have had to design, create and program a computer game based on the Kodu game program. We had to get build the land, add characters to the game, program all their movements and add objects into the game to allow a player to win a game! 

We also added another layer to the game and control the characters using a Microbit from the BBC. This allowed us to develop our understanding of inputs and control! 

Brilliant work everyone! 


Kodu and Programming

Forces and Parachutes 2020

The children have been testing the force of gravity. In pairs the children were able to design the parachute, decide upon its shape and size and finally the material it was made out of. Once the children had created them, we then tested to see which one would be the best at defying gravity and slowing the fall of a small paperclip? 

The results are yet to be decided but we hope to complete the testing when we are back at school! Well done everyone! 


Class 5 Earth, Sun and Shadows 2020

This term the children have been investigating Space. We have looked at all the planets, discovered facts all about them and investigated how they orbit the sun. The children have been carrying out experiements about how the Earth orbits the sun and about how the position of the sun in the sky develops different shadows on the Earth. We carried out an experiment using lego figures, balls and torches and discovered a great deal of information. Please enjoy the photos below! 

Class 5 Bottle Rockets 2020

The children have begun to develop work on Forces, our next topic for the new half term. All the children designed a bottle rocket in groups, discussed and researched the materials to use on the rocket to create fins and cones and then made their own rocket. We looked specifically at how the designs will impact on air resistance and the ratio of fuel (water and washing up liquids) in order to allow the rocket to take off. 

We had a fantastic afternoon sending the rocket into the air and managed to get one rocket to travel 19 metres across the field at school. We will now be developing our experiment over the next half term, writign up the results and developing the facts via using Google Sheets and Excel. Enjoy the photos!

Mr Dennis 

Class 5 Fractions 2020

The children have been working hard on their Fractions knowledge. We have enjoyed creating simple fractions, improper and mixed fractions and developed this practically and pictorially. We loved using Numicon to create fractions and drew these on the tables in the classroom. We will not mention this to Mrs Greenwood but we loved developing our understanding!

Mr Dennis 

Class 5 War Museum

The children completed their topic on World War 1 and 2 by hosting a War Museum in the school hall. The children developed their own displays, copied their own work to place on display boards, backed pictures and made all the displays interactive by using laptops and computers. They loved showing off all their knowledge from the term! 

A big thank you to all the parents who took part and supported the event and a massive thanks to Mr and Mrs King for dancing throughout the show and teaching Mrs Page a few key steps! 


Forest School

The children in Class 5 have loved their final Forest School adventure. They have built dens, cooked on the campfire and had a wonderful time in our own Forest School area. Please enjoy all the pictures of their time in Forest School below! Also, a big thanks to Miss Dobbs for leading them so well! 


Forest School

Henry Moore Sculptures

The children have been working hard over the term learning about the famous artist Henry Moore. All the children have studied his work and then been inspired to create their own sculptures from clay. They have worked hard to create abstract sculptures that are lumpy with holes in them! 


Mr Dennis 

Ukelele Music Lessons

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their Friday morning ukelele lessons with Mr Komor this term. We've learnt new rhythm games and how to play chords, learning pieces by Ed Sheeran and wartime songs!

The lessons ended with a fabulous performance of "Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line" with Mrs Page and Mrs Eeles both taking a turn on the flute and the glockenspiel to play the melody line. We were so impressed with the fact that everyone was able to sing AND play along! Well done, and thank you very much to Mr Komor for all his hard work.

Mrs Eeles

Visit to Worcester Central Mosque

During our visit to the mosque, we all learnt a great deal about Muslim beliefs and enjoyed the experience of being in an Islamic place of worship. Everyone was fascinated by the Arabic writing around the prayer hall, the decoration in the building and the experience of wudu (washing before prayer). The visit really enhanced Year 5's RE topic; learning about what it is like to be Muslim in Britain today and we would like to thank everyone from the mosque for making us so welcome.

Mrs Eeles