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Class 5

Welcome to Year 5 2021-2022

A very big welcome to you all and I hope you are ready for a very exciting year. I know it can be a nerve wracking time moving into the final class of our school but I hope, if you have any worries, you will be able to come in and see me and chat through any problems! 

We are hoping to get back to some kind of normality this year and have lots of exciting things planned. As always, my door is always open should you need any guidance or if you would just like a chat.

Please have a look through the 'Class Pages' and see all the exciting things we have to look forward too! 

Many thanks 

Mrs Bulman

Yoga- Live Session with Faye’s mummy

Welcome Back

After lockdown three, we’re happy to be back in school and continuing to celebrate our Around the World in 80 Bakes. We have visited the continents of Europe and Africa during the last two weeks of Lockdown and now we’re heading to Asia, specifically Japan. Then we’re heading to New Zealand in Oceania and finishing off in Florida, North America. Watch this space for some amazing work to follow!

Fun in the forest

Diwali - Creating rangoli patterns with coloured rice.

Cross Country 2020

European day of Languages - We looked at Spain's culture and even tried some flamenco dancing!


Fantastic Maths - We have been doing some great maths work using concrete apparatus to support our findings.

Takeover Day 2020

The children in Year 5 took over the school this term and became teachers, teaching assistants, headteachers and deputy headteachers. We even had school office managers, ICT technicians and sports coaches in school. The children went through an extensive process of applying for and interviewing for all the roles in school. They had to plan and deliver lessons, assemblies, sports and ICT lessons and help all the other staff around the school. It was a great day and we were all very proud of the class who worked so hard! 


Takeover Day

Malvern 2020

What can we say about Malvern, a fantastic adventure which has produced wonderful memories for us all to hold onto! We loved all aspects of it from the quad pole and zipwire to the Beacon walk and the Punch trails. The food was great, the sweets were tasty and we all got a little bit of sleep! Below are some pictures from the trip, there will be more to come and we will share as much as we can when we get back to school! A big thanks to all the staff at Malvern Outwardbound, Miss Dobbs and Mrs Page who stayed with us and Mrs Millar and Mrs Eeles who joined us on Thursday! 


Mr Dennis


Kodu and Computer Programming 2020

The childrne this half term have had to design, create and program a computer game based on the Kodu game program. We had to get build the land, add characters to the game, program all their movements and add objects into the game to allow a player to win a game! 

We also added another layer to the game and control the characters using a Microbit from the BBC. This allowed us to develop our understanding of inputs and control! 

Brilliant work everyone! 


Kodu and Programming

Forces and Parachutes 2020

The children have been testing the force of gravity. In pairs the children were able to design the parachute, decide upon its shape and size and finally the material it was made out of. Once the children had created them, we then tested to see which one would be the best at defying gravity and slowing the fall of a small paperclip? 

The results are yet to be decided but we hope to complete the testing when we are back at school! Well done everyone! 


Class 5 Earth, Sun and Shadows 2020

This term the children have been investigating Space. We have looked at all the planets, discovered facts all about them and investigated how they orbit the sun. The children have been carrying out experiements about how the Earth orbits the sun and about how the position of the sun in the sky develops different shadows on the Earth. We carried out an experiment using lego figures, balls and torches and discovered a great deal of information. Please enjoy the photos below! 

Class 5 Bottle Rockets 2020

The children have begun to develop work on Forces, our next topic for the new half term. All the children designed a bottle rocket in groups, discussed and researched the materials to use on the rocket to create fins and cones and then made their own rocket. We looked specifically at how the designs will impact on air resistance and the ratio of fuel (water and washing up liquids) in order to allow the rocket to take off. 

We had a fantastic afternoon sending the rocket into the air and managed to get one rocket to travel 19 metres across the field at school. We will now be developing our experiment over the next half term, writign up the results and developing the facts via using Google Sheets and Excel. Enjoy the photos!

Mr Dennis 

Class 5 Fractions 2020

The children have been working hard on their Fractions knowledge. We have enjoyed creating simple fractions, improper and mixed fractions and developed this practically and pictorially. We loved using Numicon to create fractions and drew these on the tables in the classroom. We will not mention this to Mrs Greenwood but we loved developing our understanding!

Mr Dennis 

Class 5 War Museum 2019

The children completed their topic on World War 1 and 2 by hosting a War Museum in the school hall. The children developed their own displays, copied their own work to place on display boards, backed pictures and made all the displays interactive by using laptops and computers. They loved showing off all their knowledge from the term! 

A big thank you to all the parents who took part and supported the event and a massive thanks to Mr and Mrs King for dancing throughout the show and teaching Mrs Page a few key steps! 


Mr Dennis  

Forest School 2019

The children in Class 5 have loved their final Forest School adventure. They have built dens, cooked on the campfire and had a wonderful time in our own Forest School area. Please enjoy all the pictures of their time in Forest School below! Also, a big thanks to Miss Dobbs for leading them so well! 


Mr Dennis 

Forest School 2019

Henry Moore Sculptures 2019

The children have been working hard over the term learning about the famous artist Henry Moore. All the children have studied his work and then been inspired to create their own sculptures from clay. They have worked hard to create abstract sculptures that are lumpy with holes in them! 


Mr Dennis 

Ukelele Music Lessons - Autumn term 2019

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their Friday morning ukelele lessons with Mr Komor this term. We've learnt new rhythm games and how to play chords, learning pieces by Ed Sheeran and wartime songs!

The lessons ended with a fabulous performance of "Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line" with Mrs Page and Mrs Eeles both taking a turn on the flute and the glockenspiel to play the melody line. We were so impressed with the fact that everyone was able to sing AND play along! Well done, and thank you very much to Mr Komor for all his hard work.

Mrs Eeles

Visit to Worcester Central Mosque - November 2019

During our visit to the mosque, we all learnt a great deal about Muslim beliefs and enjoyed the experience of being in an Islamic place of worship. Everyone was fascinated by the Arabic writing around the prayer hall, the decoration in the building and the experience of wudu (washing before prayer). The visit really enhanced Year 5's RE topic; learning about what it is like to be Muslim in Britain today and we would like to thank everyone from the mosque for making us so welcome.

Mrs Eeles

Winchcombe -October 2019

The children finished this half term with a wonderful trip to Winchcombe Train Station. Duriung their visit they were transported back to 1940 and became World War 2 evacuee children. They learnt about many aspects of life during that time from air raid shelters, to Home Guard fire fighting and finally the experiences of an actual World War 2 evacuee. This will be an amazing stimulus for our literacy work next half term and I do not think any of us will ever forget Mrs Chapman arrest a German spy with an umbrella! 


Mr Dennis

Literacy and Art World War 1 - September and October 2019

In Class 5 we have been working on World War 1. The children have created some fantastic scrap books based in the work of 'Archie's War Diary' by Marcia Williams. The children are very proud of their work and they make a fantastic display in the classroom alongside our watercolour work inspired by the story and illustrations from War Game by Michael Foreman! Please enjoy the photos of our work! 


Mr Dennis 

History World War 1 Investigation - September and October 2019

As a class we have looked at key periods of time from all of the work the children have covered in history over their time at Bredon Hancock’s. We took all the key events and challenged the children to order the events chronologically. The children all took part, reasoned about the events and why they should be in a specific order. We looked at key language of the passing of time chronology, decades  as well AD and BC and the key meaning of these words. 

The children have created a physical timeline in the class and sequenced the events correctly. We we will now continue to add in new dates and times to the timeline as the year progresses to see how events link to each other.

We have then looked at how World War 1 began, sequenced a timeline of events from this period of time, researched various battles from the period and also visited St Giles Church. Here we developed an understanding of how World War 1 affected our own local community! We have discovered four war graves in our own church yard and looked at the war memorials in our own church! A big thanks to Mr Whitehead for helping us all with this work. 


Geography Compass Investigation - October 2019

The children began the session by looking over how to use a grid reference on an ordnance survey map. We then explored the all the features of a compass and how to initially place it on a map. We all then looked at how to take a bearing between two reference points. It was a tricky session but with perseverance, all the children have been able to take a bearing.


Mr Dennis 

Geography Land Use and Map Investigation - September 2019

The children began the session by investigating the area of Bredon and the different land uses that we see around the area. The children have investigated the area and discussed the land use on ‘Google Maps’. They researched what the land use was like in the area and then compared this to Birmingham. This allowed the children to develop a clear understanding between ‘rural’ and ‘urban’. 

We all then moved onto ordnance survey maps and how we can use them. We looked at how to read a 4 figure grid reference, what the keys and symbols mean on the map and then took part in a quiz to find key features around the area. A great afternoon exploring maps!


Mr Dennis 

Computer Programming - October 2019

All the children in Class 5 worked in pairs to develop their ability to program on Scratch 3. We initially examined inputs and outputs and then moved onto how to use Scratch 3. The children have all used Scratchin the past so the move into Scratch 3 was not too difficult. The children were able to move the boat on the Scratch program and were beginning to develop the ability to break the boat into pieces. We have begun to explore ‘forever’ and ‘if’ commands and we will revisit this in the next few weeks. 


Mr Dennis 

E -Safety 'Play, Like, Share' - September 2019

The children started their online development this term with a video from ‘Play, Like, share’. All the children watched the first film and discussed in groups how we should manage ourselves when people place messages online. We looked at how we make messages public or private and the effects this could have on us when reviews come through. 

All the children have taken the message on board and are keen to develop their understanding further with the second installment of ‘Play, Like, Share’!


Mr Dennis

Maths Place Value Autumn 2019

The children have worked at creating, 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers using the digit cards and place value grids. The children have had to increase and decrease the numbers by ‘powers of 10’ and looked at the purpose of the comma to split the thousands and hundreds within a number. 

We then worked at creating the largest and smallest numbers using all the cards we have available. The children had to work in pairs and reason why they have created certain numbers and how they were the biggest and smallest. 

We have gone on to explore how and why numbers increase and decrease in size, explored Roman Numerals and Negative Numbers too! What a great topic! 


Mr Dennis 

Science Properties Investigation - September 2019

The children have investigated a series of different materials based on their properties. We looked at tin foil, metal cars, wooden shelves, cotton material, polystyrene and plastic bags.  We investigated the materials hardness, flexibility, absorption, conductivity, transparency, porosity and magnetivity. The children tested the materials in groups of four, developed their own fair test rules and recorded their results verbally by sorting the  materials according to their properties. 

We then built a results table to record all the information and drew and designed this in our books. We were all able to reflect and the results and explain their answers. We had a great time! There will be lots more Science next half term! 


Mr Dennis 

Welcome to Class 5 2018-19

Welcome to Class 5's web page. We are ready for our final year in school and, via this page, we would like to share with you all the fantastic things we learn, discover and reason about in school! Being the eldest children in school is a massive responsibility, but we are all ready for it and enjoying our learning! We always DREAM, BELIEVE, WORK and ACHIEVE. 

End of Year Photos 2019

House Captains

Here are our House Captains for the year. After a long discussion in our staff meeting we have selected the children to lead their individual House this year, congratulations to you all! 


European Day in Class 5

We enjoyed our final European Day of Languages in Year 5. The day started with a lovely breakfast in the hall and then we began exploring Ireland! We learnt lots of facts about the country, the names of different rivers, spoke a little bit of Gaelic and investigated why the Titanic is linked to the country! 

Euro Day of Languages 2018

Winchcombe World War 2 Experience 

Our first trip of Year 5 and we took part in the visit to Winchcombe Train Station. Here, we went back in time and visited Britain in 1940 in the midst of World War 2 and the evacuation process. We explored an air raid shelter, visited a local wartime school, tried being an Air Raid Warden and even caught a German spy! We had a wonderful day! 

Winchcombe 2018

World War 2 Visitors

We have been very lucky in Year 5 and have had a great deal of artefacts and visitors into school. This half term both Amelie and Savanna have shared objects from their own families history and we were also lucky enough to meet Beatriz's Grandmother, who herself, was also an evacuee during the war. Thanks you so much to all the people who have helped and we look forward to more exciting adventures next half term! 

World War Visitors

Science in Year 5

We have been working hard on our Science this half term in Year 5 and have been exploring all about materials and their properties. We have set up lots of 'fair tests', explored variables and even seen which material would keep Mr Dennis's tea the warmest! 

Science Autumn 2018

Maths in Year 5

We have had a good look into Place Value this half term and one of the best features we looked at was Roman Numerals. We created some great Roman Numeral digits and we never knew how useful straws could be! 

Roman Numerals

Remembrance in Year 5

Today, Year 5 began their work on remembrance. We were joined by Mr Whitehead at St Giles church where we discussed and researched the village war memorial for both World War 1 and World War 2. It was a fascinating visit, and one where we learnt so much about the importance of the remembrance service! 

Remembrance Church Visit 2018

Stay and Play

This term we had our first 'Stay and Play' of the term where the children took on the challenge of playing board games.  We had a wonderful turn out and the children loved spending time with everyone playing a variety of fantastic games. What a great afternoon! 

Sound Testing 

Class 5 have been busy making ear defenders out of different materials. We then tested the materials and tried to measure which material performed as the best ear defenders! We loved exploring different variables, fair testing and measuring our own results! Wonderful work Class 5! 

Kodu Game Programming 

This term the children have created their own video games via the Kodu game program. They have loved selecting characters, planning the objects they are going to included in the game and then create a plan of how they are going to win and lose! 

Finally, they really enjoyed testing each others games out, and controlling them using X-Box controllers, well done Class 5! 

PE Workshops 

The children have tested their own fitness skills this half term with a set of five different exercises. All the children completed a shuttle run, bench presses, sit ups, jumping and long jumps. The children all enjoyed taking part in it themselves and also loved helping the Reception children with their own skills. Well done to one and all! 

Video Conferencing

This term we have tackled video conferencing in Computing. We researched a series of key World War 2 events, posed some interesting questions, researched these answers using the internet and books. Finally, we then checked the results with a historian, Dr Dennis (yes he really is a historian, and my brother) who confirmed and challenged us on our research via video conferencing and Google Hangouts. We have learnt a great deal, and a big thanks to Dr Dennis who gave up his time to the class! 

STEM Science Investigation

The children in Class 4 and Class 5 really enjoyed taking part in a STEM research activity. The children were all challenged to create a train station with two platforms that would allow passengers to get on and off. The children threw themselves into the investigation and created some wonderful designs and creations. Well done to one and all, especially Leo and Charlie, who won the competition and are heading into the next round in 2019!  

World War Museum

The children in Year 5 completed the term by creating their own 'World War' museum. All the children, in groups of three, created their own displays, backed their own work and researched their own books and websites in order to bring their own museum stand to life. 

A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Green for the dancing, music and lending us a World War 2 jeep! Well done to all the children! 

Take Over Day 2019

The children have had a great time developing their jobs for Take Over Day. The children began selecting their jobs from a series of different job descriptions. Next they researched, planned and write persuasive letters in order to gain the jobs of their choice. After that, those children who wanted to be Headteachers, had an interview for the role with Mr Dennis and Mrs Millar. Finally the children then planned their own lessons (including a wonderful assembly) and collated all their own resources in order to carry out their roles on the day. 


On Wednesday 13th February 2019, all the children in Year 5 took over the school and became Headteachers, Deputy Heads, sports coaches, ICT technicians, teachers and teaching assistants. The children throughout the school loved the day and we cannot wait to get started on the next one! 


Mr Dennis 


The children this term have had a great time practising their bike riding skills. They have, with the help of Robin and Pam, carried out safety checks on their bikes and taken them out on the road. We look forward to welcoming Pam and Robin back later this term to allow the children to complete their riding skills! 


Mr Dennis 

Bottle Rockets 2019

The children loved our topic on developing our own Space Rockets. We took time drawing, designing, developing and researching rockets. We then chose reclaimed materials, and in groups developed and made our own bottle rockets. After decorating the products, we then launched them, creating our own rocket fuel, using washing up liquid, measured the results and then placed the results in an Excel spreadsheet. 

Finally, we reviewed what we have made, explained the results using our knowledge of  science forces and then reviewed how we could make the rockets even better! 


Mr Dennis 

Malvern 2019

What a trip to Malvern it was this year! We had a fantastic time at Malvern Outdoor Centre. We all did a number of activities including: Quad Poles, climbing walls, archery, zipwire, high ropes and low ropes and orienteering. We also all did a great Night Walk up 'End Hill' and a massive walk up The Beacon, in challenging weather conditions. 

The children bonded really well as a team, they all had a great time in their dormitories, the duvet making was hilarious and they all managed to design, make and eat their own sandwiches. All in all, this was  a truely unforgettable trip! Well done everyone and enjoy the photos! 


Mr Dennis 

Malvern 2019

National Space Centre 2019

This term, the children completed their work on our Space topic by visiting the Nationals Space Centre. We arrived in Leicester and got straight into the topic with a  question and answers session in the planetarium, an amazing experience! 

The children then had the chance to explore the Rocket Tower, where we climbed the 122 steps to the top. We were able to launch an Apollo 11 mission, land a space ship in a simulator and explore the Space Race. After lunch we enjoyed exploring the Solar System, discovered fascinating facts about the Universe and got to see objects Tim Peake took into space! What a great trip! 


Mr Dennis 

Space Centre 2019

Map work Class 5

This term we have been exploring map work. The children have loved investigating ordnance survey  maps developing their understanding of six and eight point numbers. The children have also been looking at using compasses and have developed the ability to read a compass using 6 points. 


Mr Dennis 

Map Work

Tennis Skills in Class 5

We have started our unit of tennis in Class 5. The children have really taken to the sport and are enjoying developing their individual racket skills and the ability to manage and umpire games! Later in the unit we will be working on tactics and sportsmanship! 


Mr Dennis

Reception Multi Skills Workshop 2019

Class 5 have loved working with the younger children (across the cluster of schools) on their PE skills. We have developed, planned and implemented a series of activities and games that the children can all play. We were so proud of the children helping them all with empathy, patience and positivity! Well done everyone! 


Mr Dennis 

Maths 3D Shapes 

This term we have worked a great deal on 3D shapes. We have investigated practical 3D shapes and then sorted them based on their own properties. We then looked at taking the shapes apart and investigating the nets the shapes make. It was a fascinating investigation! 

Mr Dennis

Maths 3D Shapes

Life Cycles Book Creator

As a class we have researched, developed and created our own Life Cycle information books. The children have all researched and investigated their own set of animal life cycles. They then produced their own page on their selected animal in their Book Creator book and then worked with a partner to add in a comparative life cycle of a different animal. Once they have compared the two animals they then wrote a conclusion about how the two animals are different! A great piece of research! 

Mr Dennis

Life Cycles 2019

Amazon Research 2019

Sports Week 2019

We all enjoyed Sports Week this year. We sampled some fantastic sports including martial arts, 'Kidditch', 'Pound Gym' sessions and took part in 'Gym Run'. We all enjoyed helping the Reception children with their own 'Gym Run' challenge and took part in House Football, House Netball and rounders competitions. We all also loved Sports Day and the Swimming Gala and are now ready for the end of term! 

Mr Dennis 

Amazon Investigation 2019

The class have carried out an investigation into the Amazon Basin. We have looked at data tables, information and videos about what the Amazon Basin is like. We investigated what the towns, cities, living conditions, nature and land use is like in Brazil and how this compares to where we live. We looked at how the land use in Brazil is changing and how we, as a world community, can work together to protect the world we live in. It was a fascinating topic and one the children have become very passionate about! 

Mr Dennis 

Leaver Festival 2019

What a great event our 'Leavers Festival' was this year. All the children loved the event: tasting sausage and chips, enjoying games on the field and sampling a 'silent disco'! The children took part in lots of dancing and met alot of new friends from around the cluster of schools who took part. A big thanks to Mrs Diamond and the Friends of Bredon Hancock's for a fantastic event and we cannot wait till next years event!

Mr Dennis 

Welcome to Class 5 2017-18

A big welcome to everyone who is reading this page. These are the adventures of Class 5 in their final year at Bredon Hancock's First School. We hope you enjoy all the pictures, videos and written accounts and for those of you who have taken part, we hope they provide a great memory of your time here at Bredon! 

Hannah Peacock Trophy 2018

Congratulations to James and Lilly for winning the terrific award, it was truly deserved! Good luck next year you superstars! 


Sports Week 2018

The children had a fantastic Sports Week this half term and enjoyed a huge variety of games and activities. They took part in gymnastics, running, athletics, rounders, dance and aerobics. We are all now ready for a rest, but what a great week! Thanks to Miss Hitchman for organising a great week! 

Main Games 2018

The children today went over to the 'Main Games' and had a fantastic time linking up with all their fellow colleagues from Bredon Hill Academy. The children enjoyed cricket, bell boating, running and netball. Our packed lunches were also very tasty! Thanks to Mrs Hodgson for the support! 


Leavers Ball 2018

This Friday the children from all the local cluster schools had a wonderful Leavers Ball. The hotdogs and chips went down very well and the children loved dancing all night. Thank you to all the staff, parent volunteers and Friends of Bredon Hancock's for all the help putting on the event! 


Space Exhibition 2018

This term the children in Class 5 researched, created and displayed a wonderful exhibition of their work throughout the year. The children were able to create displays on: The World Wars, Air Raid Shelters, The National Space Exhibition, Bottle Rockets, the Space Race, Space Art, Moon Phases and we sold our winter vegetables that we had grown and harvested in our Key Stage 2 garden. Well done to all who were involved! 




The children in Class 5 have explored how to use large ordnance survey maps, compasses and researched different atlases. The children are now very knowledgeable on this topic and you should all be fine if you get lost over the summer! 




In Class 5 we like to look at a lot of ICT technology and this term we have been exploring podcasts. The children have researched and created biographies about famous people associated with science and space. These have then been turned into podcasts using the app 'Audioboom' under the careful supervision of myself and Mrs Dimond. If you would like to listen to them you could pop in and scan the podcasts that are on display in school inorder to hear the children's biographies and they will also be available at our Class Exhibition. 


Bottle Rockets

Over the term the children have decided that they wanted to make their own rockets. We have designed, developed, built and launched our own bottle rockets. This has created much discussion about design methods, material selection, air resistance, forces and gravity. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun! What a great project! 


Mr Dennis 

Bottle Rockets 2018

Malvern 2018

Always a highlight of the year for the children in Class 5! We will have many pictures ready for you to view once term begins again in April so come back and have a look! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

Key Stage Two Garden 2018

Class 5 have been busy caring for our garden. The children have been taking turns to weed and water our planters and the winter vegetables has turned out really well! When we get back we will be harvesting them and then getting the beds ready for summer!


Mr Dennis 

Garden 2018

Tennis 2018

With another Wimbledon around the corner Class 5 have taken on the core skills of tennis this term. We have been busy mastering the tennis shots of backhand, forehand and volley. We are now working on tactics within a match! What a fantastic game to learn! 

Mr Dennis 


Tennis 2018

Netball 2018


This term the children in Class 5 have developed their netball skills. During the last week of the term this project culminated in a very competitive inter house competition. The children showed off some well developed skills and a great understanding of the game and its many complicated rules! Well done all in Class 5! 


Mr Dennis 

Take Over Day 2018


This term once again saw the children take over the school and perform all the roles we do on a daily basis. This included: head teachers, teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches, secretaries, and for the first time this year, ICT technicians. The day was a great success allowing the children to develop a clear understanding of how to apply for, be interviewed and take on real jobs in the real world. 


Mr Dennis 

Baking, Tea, Talk and Time Out 2018


This term we had a go at cooking our very own biscuits, but with less than 100 calories! It was a great practical session developing our measuring skills and our understanding of healthy eating. We also had a great chat over the biscuits! 


Mr Dennis 

Garageband 2018


As part of the children's education into music manipulation we have all been experimenting with Garageband. At the moment we have create dour very own songs using three digital instruments and our voice. Next half term we are going to record our own digital versions of 'Space Oddity' by David Bowie! 


Mr Dennis 

Forest School 2017 - 2018

Class 5 all enjoyed a fantastic final session of Forest School. This term we caught up with the final session and loved making our marshmallow chocolate biscuits sandwich! Enjoy the photos! 


Commando Day 2018

Year 5 took part in a great Commando Day this term. We all enjoyed the soldiers coming and setting us challenges from an assault course, observation games and problem solving challenges. Enjoy the photos of the day! 

Commando Day 2018

Tea, Talk and Cake 2017!

This week we enjoyed 'Tea, Talk and Cake'. The children worked hard during the week to make some delicious flapjack cakes (practising a lot of maths without knowing it), and enjoyed a great session of chat finding out about each others interests, hobbies and lives. It was a fantastically positive session and we cannot wait for the next time! Well done all! 

Tea, Talk and Cake

PE: Team Challenges Autumn 2017

This half term we have been working on team challenges by solving problems in pairs and small teams. We have loved using a range of equipment to solve games involving rescuing a golden egg, crossing swamps and navigating lava pools! The children have worked well and risen to the challenge brilliantly! The unit will culminate in a small orienteering challenge in preparation for Malvern next term! 

Well done everyone! 

PE: Team Challenges

World War 2 Research 2017

Class 5 completed their research into the World Wars by creating questions for two experts in the field. We were joined by Mr Emmanuel, who is a former soldier in the British army and a war graves enthusiast, who spoke to us about his many trips to Northern France. We all enjoyed his informative talk and handouts, which he prepared for the whole class, and are now in their own Topic books. 

We also developed out computing skills, by using video conferencing , to speak to Dr Dennis (yes he is my brother) a published historian at Cardiff Metropolitan University and a Principal Examiner for OCR. We all prepared and asked questions about World War 2 for him and he helped us to increase our knowledge and answer our own questions about the principle moments in World War 2.

What a great topic this term, now for Space! 

World War 2 Research 2017

Skipping Day 2017

Class 5 loved their skipping day this half term. They had great fun practising their basic skills and then developing new techniques, and developing a class jump! Enjoy the photos of the sessions below; a skipping rope could be a good present from Santa! 


Skipping Day 2017

Parliament Week 2017

This week we have taken part in our first Parliament Week. We enjoyed learning about the Houses of Parliament and then took part in a range of debates including whether to extend the hours of the school day, stop homework and decide whether to get rid of peanut chocolate! 


Anti Bullying Week 2017

We have a had a great week exploring the meaning of bullying and how we can work together to stop people from feeling upset and sad in the playground. We had good fun exploring feelings and strategies in order to help each other in the future. Thank you to Mrs Hastings for her fantastic drama workshops. 

Anti Bullying Week 2017

Children in Need 2017

Well done to all of the children in Class 5. They all worked really hard organising, collecting and then counting all the donations from the school for Children in Need this year. Not an easy job when you are in your pyjamas! 

Thank you everyone! 

Children in Need 2017

Winchcombe World War 2 Evacuee Trip 

This half term Class 5 went on an adventure as World War 2 evacuee's and headed for Winchcombe. We enjoyed many different experiences while we were there including: attending a World War 2 classroom, wearing World War 2 uniforms, taking part in fire fighting training for the Home Guard, experiencing an air raid, singing World War 2 songs and taking part in a World War 2 evacuee train ride. On the train we got to arrest a German spy and took some time to speak to actual World War 2 evacuee's! What a great day!  

Winchcombe World War 2 Evacuee Trip 2017

No Pens Wednesday 2017

During this half term we celebrated 'No Pens Wednesday' where the children and staff enjoyed a day without using any formal writing equipment. The children in Class 5 developed drama work linked to the novel 'War Game' by Michael Foreman. Each group selected a part of the story they would like to dramatise, practised and then acted it out for the cameras. Have a look at the video links to see the results for yourselves! 

No Pens Wednesday Drama 'War Game'

Football Skills 2017

Our PE unit this term has been team games with the focus on football. The children all enjoyed taking part in the skills units and then took to the pitch to show of their talent. Due to the weather we had a great mini tournament inside but the rain certainly did not dampen the children's skills or enthusiasm! 





Welcome to Class 5 2016-17

Welcome to the class page of Class 5 where you will find lots of information, photos, videos and work dedicated to all the fun and excitement we have in school! Please enjoy! 


Leavers iMovies

The children in Class 5 have been working hard at their Leavers Performance. As part of the performance they will be using some videos they have made about their time in different year groups.  Please take time to visit our video site and enjoy the movies they have created!


Many thanks

Mr Dennis  


(P.S. The videos will only be online after the Leaver Performance on Wednesday 19th July 2017, we do not want to spoil the surprise!) 

Main Games 2017

Today we went over to visit all of our future friends at the Middle School and got involved in the Main Games. We tried our hand at cross country, quick cricket, bell boating and dodge ball. We all had a great day meeting new friends and playing in a very supportive manner. Thanks to Andy Train for creating the day for us all! 

Sports Week 2017

What a fantastic week! We had great fun this week trying many new sports including: street dance, fencing, karate and rounders! We also had a wonderful final sports day at the school! Thanks to Miss Hitchman! 



Sports Week 2017

Overbury Estate Farm Visit Summer 2017

During the Summer term, Class 5 went with Class 3 on a fantastic day trip to Overbury Farm Estate. The children learnt a huge amount of information about farming and animal life cycles and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks to all the staff and children who were brilliant on the day! Enjoy the photos below! 






RE: Salvation Study

As a class this term we have been exploring the meaning of Salvation and what resonance it has with us in 2017. We have researched and examined key Bible passages, examined paintings of the accounts from different periods of time and explored the meaning of Salvation through drama. It has been a very thought provoking unit of work, well done Class 5! 






Class 5 Art Project

This term we have been busy developing our own part of a whole school art project. We have been inspired by the artist Peter Blake, and have begun manipulating our on images from his inspiration! Thanks to Ellen for the amazing lesson! 






Malvern 2017

The big event this term for Year 5 was the residential to Malvern Outdoor Activity Centre. The children all had to learn how to look after themselves, work as a team and push themselves to reach their own targets and then go one step further! All the children, and staff, did this very well climbing quad poles, flying down zip wires and even making edible sandwiches! What an adventure! Well done to everyone involved! Now for  good rest! 

Malvern 2017

Space Museum 2017

To bring our Space topic to a close we all created our very own Space Museum where we showed our parents and families all we have learn about our topic. The children had two mornings to plan, design, collect and display all the work they had developed. They did a wonderful job creating some fabulous exhibitions and we were all very proud of how they showed off their understanding and knowledge! Well done everyone! 

Space Museum 2017

Space Centre 2017

In the final weeks of the term we all went to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre. It was a long journey but after a day exploring two giant rockets, examining parts of  Tim Peake's space kit, working a scale model of a USSR space rocket command centre, exploring facts about all the planets in our solar system, performing a weather report from the future and enjoying a show from the largest planetarium in the country we thought it was a great trip! Well done to all involved! 

Space Centre 2017

Space 2017

The children in Year 5 have started their Science Topic this half term and are learning all about Space. They have so far explored the Solar System, learnt about the planets within our Solar System and how they move around the Earth, had a debate about the great scientists involved in the movement of the planets and learnt about the phases of the moon! What will the next half term bring? 

Space 2017

Takeover Day 2017

This half term Year 5 took over the school on Friday 10th February 2017. The children took on all the roles the teachers and adults perform in school. The children enjoyed carrying out assemblies, learning walks, writing reports, teaching lessons and then the marking! The whole school enjoyed the day and I know the children in Year 5 learnt a great deal about researching for jobs, applying for them, interviewing for the role and then carrying the role out! What a great day! 

Takeover Day 2017

The Hive visit Spring 2017

Early this term Year 5 went with Year 4 to The Hive library in Worcester city centre. The children had a great experience learning about the library, seeing how books are sorted and then using the library to research the early part of their Space Project. All the children received a library card and were able to borrow a book. What a great day!





Christmas 2016

The children always love the Christmas topic and they have enjoyed their last Christmas celebrations at Bredon Hancocks! As always the children created their own Christmas hats and their imagination and creativity flowed throughout the whole lesson. The children also learnt about 'Christingles' and created their own to share with you all at home! Happy Christmas everyone! 

Christmas 2016

iSING Pop 2016

Class 5 loved taking part in iSing Pop this term and made us all very proud on Thursday in both the afternoon and the evening performances! Well done all! 

World War 2 Rag Rugs 201

During our World War 2 topic, Mrs Millar taught the children how to make Rag Rugs as part of the 'Make Do a Mend' element. The children loved the technique and soon got the hang of creating a some great pieces of work! Well done all! 

Rag Rugs 2016

World War 2 and Video Conferencing 2016

To complete the unit of our 'World War' topics the children all researched different aspects of World War 2 in order to answer the question of why a further world war would happen 20 years after the first.To answer all these questions and check out their understanding the children then posed questions to a historian from Cardiff Met University via video conferencing and 'Google Hangouts'. It was a great experience for them all and the amount of quality questions they created was amazing! Well done everyone! 

Video Conference 2016

E-Safety 2016

In November the children in Class 5 and Class 4 all took part in our special E-Safety afternoon and evening. The children learnt a great deal about staying safe from Ms Jane Finch and will be revisiting all the information throughout the rest of the year. Thanks to all the parents who attended the evening conference that I am sure was useful to all of us! 

E Safety 2016

Ukulele and Music 2016

In Year 5, during the whole term, we have been learning a tuned instrument. The children came to the end of the unit of work this term and then performed a great song. We had singers, ukulele players and percussion artists all creating a fantastic sound. Mr Comber has mentioned that this class have learnt the most of all classes in all schools he has taught in. well done Year 5! 

Forest School 2016

We all love Forest School and the class really enjoyed their last ever Forest School at Bredon Hancocks. The class all created dens, animal shelters, carried out some expert whittling and made some great marshmallow biscuit cakes whilst developing their safe fire skills! Here is too Malvern next term! 


Forest School 2016

Interfaith Week 2016

Class 5 took part in Interfaith Week and enjoyed exploring festivals from the Jewish, Hindu and Muslim faiths. We also had a wonderful experience with our Diwali Day celebrations and took a full and active role in a Diwali dance! Well done Year 5! 

Interfaith week 2016

Poetry Day at the Cathedral

This term Class 5 visited Worcester Cathedral  for a day of poetry. It was a great trip where we visited all parts of the cathedral to inspire our poetry. The children learnt to use all of their senses and this helped develop some interesting acrostic poems all about the beautiful building! Thanks to Ben Smith and the team at the cathedral and we look forward to visiting again in the future! 


James Dennis 

Cathedral Poetry Day Autumn 2016

Maths Investigations

Class 5 have loved all their maths work this term and never more than a good investigation in number! We have been exploring all elements of decimals and have enjoyed practical and written maths sessions. We also teamed up with children from Year 4 for a mixed aged maths investigation into addition pyramids! 

Well done to all involved, lets keep maths fun! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

Maths Investigations Aut 2016

World War 2 Evacuation Day

This term the class visited Winchcombe railway station and enjoyed a day in the life of a World War 2 evacuee. We learnt from former evacuee's, took a train ride into the country, caught a German spy and experienced an air raid shelter in full action. We even practised putting out a fire! The day was a wonderful experience and prepared us all for our World War 2 studies next term! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

World War 2 Evacuation Day Aut 2016

BT Cabling Visit

During the half term Key Stage Two had a visit from some BT engineers. They showed us all about how the internet cabling works throughout the village and discussed the new developments of high speed broadband for the area. Many thanks to all the team at BT for the visit and the water bottles! 

Many thanks 

James Dennis 

BT visit

World War 1 Short Story Role Play

Inspired by poetry from World War 1 the children in Class 5 created some short stories based on experiences and incidents they have learnt about this dreadful period in history. The children planned and re enacted these stories during 'No Pens Wednesday'. We hope you enjoy their creative and informative videos particularly as some of the events actually happened to some of the groups ancestors! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

World War 1 Role Play

Still image for this video
Here is a World War 1 role play of a short story the children have written, please enjoy!

European Day of Languages

This term saw the children in Year 5 investigate the country of Ireland. The children all dressed in the countries traditional colours and took part in map work, art, fact finding and baking to make the day a very enjoyable experience. We also learnt a few phrases of Irish as well! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

European Day of Languages Aut 2016

Welcome to the Web Page of Class 5  2015-2016!

Fun at Cheltenham Science Festival

Winchcombe Walk

Rocket Experiment



In our indoor PE sessions, gymnastics has been our focus for this term. We have combined all of our skills in travelling, jumping, tumbling, balancing and using equipment in a routine. The children have created iMovies to demonstrate what they have learned.


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

WORLD BOOK DAY – Jasmine Girvan


Recently we have dressed up as are favourite character from are favourite books. I dressed up as moody Margaret from horrid Henry. Elmley castle came over as their favourite book character as well it was a fun day of art and shared reading.

World book day!!!!!!!!



The whole school dressed up as their favourite book character. We all did some shared reading with other classes in the school. We shared with year 4. We also did some Gruffalo big art work in collaboration with Emley Castle School. I dressed up as Poe Dameron from the new Star Wars movie/book.


By James Laliberte 

On world book day it was fun because Elmley Castle School came over and everyone was dressed up in their costumes like: Princesses, Princes, Queens and Kings. First in the morning we finished the Gruffalo pictures we started with Elmley Castle on Monday and in the afternoon we did a book quiz.

By Gracie Allen

Creative arts week!

In creative arts week we did lots of things including art but also we were doing everything related to books because at the end of the week it was World Book Day. In reception class we were doing a patchwork with tissue paper and other materials in pairs. We covered a Tinga Tinga character of our choice from the African folk tales.


In year one we were drawing our favourite place. We also drew a map on wellies, this was based on a book of poems.


In year two we did pointillism on Mr Men. We drew our Mr Men then painted them in dots using a cotton bud.


In year three we made clay models in groups based on a chocolate room from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Then with Miss Pugh in year five we learned about the different parts of the orchestra and became instruments from a brass band. I was a trombone.


By Ellie Washbourne 

Creative arts week – Niamh Millar


During creative arts week we went into other classes and did different forms of art.

In year 5 we did singing! In year 4 we had fun making Stop Frame Animation. In year 3 we did clay modelling in year 1 we did sketching. With Mrs Earle in year 2 we looked at cubism and in reception we did collage.

Malvern Outdoor Elements

Malvern by Henry

The Malvern trip were three of my favourite days of year five. When we were on the bus I was so excited but nervous from being away from home, this was the longest time I’ve spent from home. However, I had a feeling that this was going to be a great adventure. When we got there the staff at the centre explained the rules and also told us what activities we were doing.

The first activity was that we had to make our beds (this was a challenge for the boys)!

Our team leader was called Kate, she told us where our dormitories were and what they were called. They were called Sugarloaf, Abberley, Bredon, Cotswold and Midsummer.

Next we went to get our water proofs (telly-tubbies).


After lunch we got stuck into our activities. The whole experience was so much fun and something I will remember for a very long time.



On 24th February year 5 went to Malvern Outdoor Elements, where we learnt how to work as a team. When we got there we went to our dorms and unpacked. Then we got ready for our first activity, my first activity was the zip wire. We had to get all clipped in so we were safe. When you were up there it was a bit scary but you knew you were okay. When we were going down it was so fun because it felt like you were flying. 


Then we did low ropes and I was partners with Etholle and you had to help each other get across all the challenges. Etholle and I did most of the course on our own but Miss Greenwood did help. My favourite low ropes activity was where you had to jump down tyres and get on a climbing wall then you had to swing across ropes, so fun, but all of it was fun. There was one low ropes activity which was a crossover of ropes and you had to get across without touching the floor. The only person in our group that could do it was Alfie.


Then we had some tea. I had chicken curry and it was really yummy. After we wrote in our diaries about our day so we would remember for home and school, but it was so much fun, I think we would've remembered. Then we had some calm down time so we weren't all so excited for bed. We then showered and brushed our teeth. Without too much talking we went to sleep. The other activities were bridges, quad pole and a walk up the Malvern Hills to the Beacon. I loved it all.

Malvern by Sam Barton


I think Malvern was one of the best weeks of my life! At the start I was a bit scared about going because it was the furthest I have ever been away from home but I was also really excited because it there would be loads of activities and it would be lots of fun!!


When we got there the leader Kate showed us all to our dorms which were Abberley, Bredon, Sugarloaf, Midsummer and Cotswold. My dorm was Abberley

My first activity was low ropes which was fun. We then completed the zip wire which was scary but also really fun. 


All of Malvern was amazing!

Our Trip To Malvern Outdoor Elements


When we went to Malvern we did lots of fun activities like going down a Zip wire, climbing up a quad pole, rock climbing, archery, low ropes and bridges. I enjoyed all of them!


We had to make our beds and make lunch I found making my bed really hard I now really thank my mum for doing it for me. We were really lucky because we got a piece of cake every evening before bedtime. I really enjoyed the trip. Thank you very much Miss Pugh, Miss Greenwood and Mr Dennis.

By Grace Ibbotson

Malvern by Leo

I stayed at Malvern for two nights and three days. Some of the activities I did were the zip wire, bridges, archery and rock climbing. On the second night we went on a night walk up the Malvern hills. It was really dark so I used my Nans torch. It was really dark and slippery and Josh fell over. The food we had at Malvern was epic. My favourite food was mash potato. It was scary sleeping in a room with my friends because I am not used to sleeping away from home.
Take Over Day

On Take Over Day year 5 took over the school. Ollie, Leo and I taught year 3 P.E. It was very fun. We taught them netball which went really well. We had our own staff room and children had to call us by surname. It was awesome.

By Poppy Johnson

Science Week

Science Week – George O’Gorman


For the whole week starting off with the 18th of January the year 5s and 2s worked together and did science for science week we started with making pasta towers made with spaghetti and marshmallows the biggest one looked like the Eiffel towel. Our second activities was making rockets with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, we also made a gas that can blow up balloons, and then we made lava lamps with a lot of different colours it was amazing.

We all had a very fun week!