Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!



In Year 2, we will be learning how to tell the time using an analogue clock. We will be learning the following:

  • o'clock and half past;
  • quarter past and quarter to;
  • tell the time past and to the hour;
  • tell the time to 5 minutes;
  • minutes in an hour and hours in a day.



In our statistics learning, we will be exploring the following areas:

  • Tally charts;
  • Tables;
  • Block diagrams;
  • Pictograms.


Position and Direction

In our position and direction lessons, we will be learning the following:

  • Language of position;
  • Describe movement;
  • Describe turns;
  • Describe movement and turns;
  • Shape patterns with turns.