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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Wow! What a busy few weeks we've had! We started off by reading 'The Diddle that Dummed' which was quite a funny book and we liked it lots! It got us to do lots of patterning both in Maths and Music which we got really good at. We've also enjoyed 2 Forest Friday sessions where we learnt about national flowers for the UK countries. We found some beautiful roses and planted some daffodils; now we just have to wait until spring to see the flowers! In our first Forest Friday session we even found a frog! Now we're loving Goldilocks and the 3 bears and are learning lots of things relating to bears too.

Hey guys, 


Here are a few more bits that I’ve found that might be useful or you might enjoy. Buy a Gift have a selection of links to things that you can do from your own home; some will be known to you already but there might be a few new ones in there. 


BBC Bitesize are bringing out daily sessions from Monday 20thApril. They also say that they will have a channel dedicated to education on BBCiPlayer so that will probably be worth checking out too.

I know there are lots of you that are baking at the moment. I love baking so Cake International is something I go to regularly. This year they’re going online so their competition is open for entries until 20thApril. You have to bake and photograph your goodies. Look at the entry specification for more details.– this link takes you on lots of online trips that you won’t be able to do in person. Hopefully a bit of fun!


Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. Don’t forget to sign up for Google Classroom for after Easter.  

I also saw these and thought that actually they're lovely things to do. The mindfulness is more adult focussed but could easily be adapted for children; plus all us adults need a bit of time too at the moment!

Hi everyone,


I just wanted to check in while we’re all away from school because of the current pandemic. I hope that everyone is staying safe inside and you’re all keeping your minds and bodies healthy. There is so much out there at the moment to keep us all occupied, I thought I would compose a list of some of these that you might like to get to get involved in. 


Firstly, this guy has complied a great list so I take no credit for this (scroll down past the first few videos to all of the links):


Then I have found the following bits that I thought might be interesting:


PE with Joe Wicks Monday-Friday at 9am live stream on Youtube or catch up on the 5 minute movers videos on Youtube too. 


Wildlife with Steve Backshall 9:30 every week day on Facebook Steve is answering questions about wildlife etc.


Science with Maddie Moate Weekdays at 11am Maddie and Greg chat on YouTube about Science and nature. 


Daily dance classes with Oti Mabuse on Facebook. Live streamed at 11:30 but you can catch up with classes at any time. 


Free access to www.themathsfactor.comCarol Voderman’s website 


Storytime with David Walliams at 11am on his website (lots of authors are doing this so it’s worth a search.)


Gareth Metcalfe has some Primary Maths problem solving resources and is setting problems too. Search for him on Facebook but be aware that lots of his resources of for KS2. There are  few bits suitable for us though. also have a free trial at the moment. 


Chester Zoo on Facebook have loads of videos of feeding time and a virtual tour of the zoo.


Sport England have a Stay in, work out campaign full of information which is available at


These guys have a free pack that you can download


These yoga bits do have a fee but it’s not super expensive so might be worth a look:


Otherwise you can find Yoga on YouTube by searching Cosmic Kids Yoga – they’re child friendly videos. 


Some online safety resources:


GymRun is the fitness tracker that we sign up to. This is his YouTube channel with some videos to have a go at:


Hamilton Trust – you have to pay for this in general but there are 100’s of resources available for free too.


Money challenges available here:,13XNL,6A6RFN,3W603,1


Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering resources available here:


Primary League Stars – a range of Maths, Literacy and fun activities:,142C0,4YL5MO,3WORB,1


The Entertainer have created a Boredom busting hub which can be found at


And the Scouts have created a document entitled The Great Outdoors which is full of ideas.


I hope some of these are useful. As always, do what you feel is right for you; there’s learning involved in everything and right now we all need to be feeling as secure as possible. We are here and would love to see what you’re up to. I’ll see you in Year 1’s Google Classroom hopefully after Easter! 

Login details are in your reading record or were attached to the front of your pack if you weren’t in during the last week. 


Miss Hitchman

Today we went down past the church to plant some trees. We had to dig a hole, put the roots in and fill the hole back up. The tree needed a brace and a post to keep it upright while it's still young. Some of us planted apple trees and some planted plum trees.

We used QR codes to learn all about animal groups today. Sometimes the code took us to a fact and sometimes it took us to a picture of an animal that belonged to that group. We turned all of our information into posters.

Off we went on the bus to Smart Trees. We enjoyed being in the mud when doing our orienteering in the trees. We saw real reindeers and even met Father Christmas. He gave us a gift and wished us all a very merry Christmas. We told him that we hoped he had a nice rest too.

Mrs Shorthouse let us use a saw today! She helped us to move the saw backwards and forwards and reminded us not to push down while we did it. We each cut our own piece and then drilled holes in so that we could turn them into reindeer decorations for our trees.

Today we were inspired by the story of Not now Bernard during Forest Friday. We took our monster bush all the way to Africa to go on safari. We considered the vehicle we would need to drive and the animals we might see along the way. We also worked out which would be scary because they were carnivores and which would probably leave us alone. By the time we got back to school we were exhausted; Africa is a long way you know!

We had such a great time this week with Mrs Shorthouse. We made our very own fire for bonfire night and loved watching and listening to it.

We made dinosaurs out of 2D shapes today and measured them using non standard units of measure. We also measured everything else!

We had visitors today. They were Hindu and they talked to us all about HInduism.

Today we went on a dinosaur hunt. We trekked through a volcano, rolled over wet grass and explored a forest before finding dinosaur bones, teeth and an egg! We did some great predicting about what was in the egg and wrote our own story maps too.

This week in Forest Friday we planted bulbs in the spiritual garden and had lots of fun exploring the wood pile. We saw the first signs of autumn today although we couldn't find any red leaves on the trees in Forest School. We also found lots of worms and ordered them by size!

This week was European day of languages. We learnt all about the Gambia because they speak French. They also speak English and it's in Africa. We learnt the words for the fruits that Handa carried in the story in French, tried lots of them and created a bar chart to show our favourties.

We found a dinosaur bone! We uncovered it carefully and did some amazing reasoning too. We also weaved the willow tunnel and collected enough pine cones to do some crafting next week.

We created numbers in lots of different ways this week in Maths. We challenged ourselves to see how many ways we could make them.

We had a lovely time in Forest Friday. We had a great time balancing, making dens and searching for pine cones under the right trees.

We enjoyed joining in with Mrs Millar, Mrs Kay and Year 2. There were lots of other children all over the country singing too.

We are going to start the year by learning all about bears. Below is the topic web for the first few weeks of term so that you can see what we will be getting up to. There is also a link to our homework grid for you to explore. As our homework spans over a whole half term some of the activities link to dinosaurs instead because that will be our next topic to explore. Look out for our dinosaurs topic web coming soon!

Thank you SO much for all of our lovely gifts. We had some really thoughtful things and were touched by your appreciation. Thank you for all of your support this year and I wish all of you, and your children, the best of luck next year!

We had fluffly ducklings this week. They were really cute but they were a bit stinky! We had to clean them out each day and we let them have a swim too. We didn't really need to teach them how to swim; they were very bouyant already!

We did lots of cooking and preparations for Elmer's cafe this week. We created a dance which was really good fun, picked our own jobs, made food and drinks and then served everyone that came. We were really busy and made £30.20 profit! We decided to donate our money to charity and picked Make a Wish Foundation because we know we are lucky to get to do lots of things and think all children and their families should. We loved that they work hard to make people happy.

During World Book Day we got dressed up as our favourite book characters. We enjoyed an assembly and thought about our favourite books. We also did some shared reading with Year 4 which was great fun.

This week during Forest Friday we decided that it would be good to get active. We all came up with active games, taught them to each other and had a go at playing them. We sang ring a ring a roses, had a go at skipping, saw how far and fast we could hop and run and challenged each other with passing hoops along. Lots of fun was had by all and we have some new games to play at playtime.

This week we have been learning all about money. We have been sorting and ordering coins and notes and trying to recognise them quickly enough to win at money bingo!

This we were really lucky to have the I Sing Pop team in to teach us some new songs. We had a great time singing and dancing and even got record our own bit for the CD.

We had a lovely time putting on our own show during Forest Friday. We had lots of singing, including the continents song, lots of dancing, some acting and a very funny hat show. We were very brave when we performed in front of our friends.

Today we used QR codes to find out information about animal groups. We scanned the code and uncovered information and pictures. It was good fun.

Did you know that not all 3D shapes can slide? It took us a long time to work out that most 3D shapes can slide because they have at least 1 flat face, but not all can because a sphere doesn't have any flat faces.

We had a very special visitor this week. He was from GymRun Colours and he helped us to work out how fit we all are. We all tried really hard on the 5 challenges which tested our; speed, arm strength, leg strength, stamina and core strength. We are going to see if we get fitter throughout the year by doing them all again at the end of the year. How fit do you think you are?

We have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes. We found them everywhere and then we worked out which 2D shapes were hiding under a blanket. We had to think really hard about how we knew it was that shape and did some great reasoning.

We learnt about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light this week. We decorated our own pots and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We decided to open our doors and windows and light our candles in the same way that Hindus do and had a moment to reflect on all of the good things in the world.

In our Place Value challenge this week we had to make an even number with 2 tens. We even challanged ourselves to show our number in lots of ways!

Today we went on a dinosaur hunt. We went to catch a huge one on a very windy day. We weren't scared! We crossed volcanoes and climbed mountains, ventured through jungles and across hot lava to find our dinosaur. Only we didn't find a dinosaur...we found an egg! We predicted what we thought might be inside using great imagination and reasoning skills.

We finally got the chance to be generous with our time this week as we went to Tewkesbury Fields to spend some time with the residents there. We played games, sang songs, made puzzles and read stories. We had a great time talking to the residents and they loved having us there. It was a room full of smiles.

This week we lead our own learning and enjoyed a 'We're going on a bear hunt' day. We made caves for the bear, created bear games, retold the story and made models and sets for the story. Some of us even created a new verison of the story.

We had an amazing time spashing in puddles and we did lots of investigating too. We found out that the bigger the puddle the more water you have to pour out of your wellies!

During Forest Friday this week, we searched for conkers and twigs and used clay to turn them into snails. We think they look great and have loved searching for conkers out of school too.

We collected lots of food for the Harvest festival which will be split between the Salvation Army and Tewkesbury Food Bank. In church, we sang a song about a very special seed which grows into wheat and is used to feed the world. We sang beautifully and everyone was really impressed.

This week we have been using our numbers for measuring and our ordering skills to put things in height from smallest to tallest. We have been learning all about Harvest and have been trying really hard to write sentences. We were lucky enough to be visited by the Salvation Army too this week. We found out how they help people by organising food parcels at Christmas time. The food that we donate at Harvest tomorrow will go into those food parcels.

Sadly, we also had to come to terms with the loss of Father Matthew this week. We thought about all the lovely things that we remembered about him and spent some time drawing the church and writing prayers.

During Forest Friday we did lots of balancing and working as a team this week. We created some lovely shelters and showed some great imagination.

We celebrated European Day of Languages this week. We really enjoyed having an extra breakfast and then we learnt all about the UK. We learnt that the UK is made up of 4 countries, that the capital city is London and is home to the Queen and we made some yummy scones too! What a busy day we had!

In Maths this week we have been exploring numbers. We found a range of ways to show our numbers. Miss Hitchman was a bit confused as to why 11 had 2 digits so we helped her find the answers. Did you know it's because it's made up of Tens and Units?!

We had our first Forest Friday session and we explored the space and used our imagination really well. We searched for worms, retold our class story, put on shows and had a great time in the piles of leaves!

Our new Year 1's have really enjoyed learning Golidlocks and the 3 Bears using Talk 4 Writing; we can retell the whole story brilliantly!

We used our creativity during Jack and the Beanstalk day and showed all of the different things that we could like to the story. We did lots of Maths, Science, Literacy and Art and D&T

We had such a great time during our last Forest Friday session. We loved rolling down the hill and using our imagination in the sunshine.

We had such a great time serving all of our parents during Elmer's Cafe. We cooked all of our own food and created menus and then we had to take orders and make sure people got the right food. Everyone had a lovely time.

During tea, talk and timeout we got to taste our own flapjacks; they were really yummy. We also spent time talking to our friends about a huge range of different things.

In Maths this week we cooked flapjacks for tea, talk and timeout. We had to solve problems to work out the quantities of ingredients needed and then we had to work as a team to measure and mix our own mix.

We had the best time at Sandfield Farm this term. We enjoyed lots of outdoor activities and got very muddy!

We have started the new year thinking about being positive and giving things a really good go. Here are just a few of our Power of Positivity Superstars!

We had a wonderful time at Forest Friday today; IT SNOWED! We enjoyed playing in the snow and making our own snowmen out of clay. What good timing.

Today we took our very special letters to the postbox. We wrote our letters to Santa very carefully and thought about saying nice things to him as well as asking for presents. It was very exciting to get them ready and post them today!

During Forest Friday we headed to the main forest and had a wonderful time using our imaginations in our dens and space rockets and working well with other people

We have been really busy putting on our christmas play recently. We even helped to create some of the scenery! You can read more about our play in the whole school events section

We've spent lots of time creating numbers and showing them in lots of different ways. Here are some of them...

Jorja picked her favourite story and was brave enough to share it with us. Well done!

We really enjoyed measuring outside during Forest Friday. We practised using cm and m.

We were lucky enough to have Mr Hayhoe teach us and he made us think about shapes. We had to create towers using 3D shapes and then make them taller or smaller. It sounds easy but we had to keep the same shapes! It made us think about their properties and problem solve with our partner.

We had a brilliant time designing and creating cars for bears. We had to think about what they would need to be safe and how they would work and we worked really well as groups.

We really enjoyed making vegetable soup with Year 4 during our harvest celebrations

We took part in the Tewkesbury Pebble challenge. We found our pebbles during Forest Friday and then we used special paint to put our own designs on them. Some of us decided where to hide them so that other people could find them.

Bug hunting during Forest Friday was so much fun!

We have had a fantastic year, learnt lots of new things and had a lot of fun along the way. We are ready to move on to new challenges in Year 2 and are very excited to see what happens next year. 


But for now we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped us this year; with trips and swimming and even helping us develop our reading skills. We really appreciate it. 



We loved sports week and got to try out lots of new activities. We made our own smoothie using a special bike and we were very interested in how the whole thing worked. We also raised lots of money for Cancer Research by running with our friends and families. 


We cheered on our teams at sports day and in the house matches and learned some good sportsmanship skills from the older children in school. 

We visited Sandfield Farm, just outside of Sedgeberrow last week and had an amazing time! We had so much fun playing in the forest and learning about things that grow.

Currently we are enjoying looking after some very fluffy ducklings. They are beautiful but they are stinky and need lots of cleaning too!

We created an Elmer dance for our parents. We had to think really hard about how we could use our bodies like Elmer but still be in control.

Recently we went to the Hive and Worcester Cathedral. We really enjoyed being around so many books and we spotted lots of interesting things in the Cathedral too. William loved his book so much he used it to bake some tasty treats!

During Forest Friday we went out to play in the rain. Sophie from our class book would've loved it as much as we did!

We loved going to Bristol zoo. We saw all sorts of animals and got to hold some too! We learnt lots about the animals and their habitats and we even wrote our own song 'Mr Keeper had a zoo' when we got back to school.

We are coming to the end of our first term and we have really enjoyed learning about bears and light and dark.

We used our orienteering skills during our trip to Smart Trees too; we loved feeling the reindeers and meeting Father Christmas!

We did some searching to find Rudolph's favourite snack and learnt how to orienteer

We loved learning how to bhangra dance during interfaith work...

We can retell the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and have been learning about how teddy bears have changed. We learnt about Paddington and Rupert Bear and wondered if our parents knew them too.

We have been following the building of our new classroom. We've learnt lots of big building words and enjoyed speaking to the builders about what they are doing. We are excited to see the classroom when it's finished.

We have just finished sports week where we tried lots of new activities and were very active. We're all a bit tired now but please have a look at our other adventures below...

We teamed up with Reception to take the bellboat out on the river. We had to paddle really hard because we were the boat's motor.

Mrs Shorthouse came in to teach us lots of Science in the Summer term. We had a great time experimenting and creating our own tests.

We got very creative during build a den day and used all sorts to create our own secret spaces with children from all over the school. We had lots of tidying up to do once we'd finished playing in them!

We learnt how to show our best performances in Gymnastics and enjoyed watching our friends too.

Finally we had to make a cart for an elephant. We had to plan, design, make and test it. We learnt that for a cart to work the wheels have to be able to turn.

We worked really hard to understand money ready to serve our parents at Elmer's Cafe. It went really well and we had a great time.

To finish Forest Friday's Miss Hitchman took us to a farm. We had SO much fun. We met animals, went on a mud walk and learnt lots about the farm. There was even a play forest where we could do whatever we wanted!

For Easter we went on an Easter egg hunt and then used all of the Maths skills we have learnt so far to solve some tricky problems and cook by ourselves.

We loved having ducklings in our classroom; we watched them hatch, learnt how to care for them and taught them to swim. Fluffy was very naughty and MIss Hitchman had to chase him across the classroom!

We loved having the Year 5's as our teachers on take over day...they took us outside to play games and make clay animals!

We went all the way to Bristol Zoo with Mrs Budrey, Mrs Millar, Miss Hitchman and Miss Brookes. We saw SO many animals and we even got to hold some! We learnt lots about habitats and had a great day.

What a busy term! We loved Diwali day with our new friends from Elmley Castle

We really enjoyed working on 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'

...and then we went on a Gruffalo hunt...and found one!!

We went on a steam train at Christmas and were very brave in the dark tunnel.

We LOVE Forest Friday's and enjoy so many different activities.

Welcome to Class 1 - 2015-2016


Our first topic this year is Bears!


We have started by learning Goldilocks and the 3 Bears using Talk4Writing. We love our actions and are retelling the story really well.


We are looking forward to:

*Going on a bear hunt

*Learning all about bears


*Lots of Art activities about bears too.


Keep checking for more information about all of the fun things we get up to.

Welcome to Class 1

2014 - 2015


Ahoy Shipmates!

This term our topic is PIRATES!


We have lots of exciting things planned in the next few weeks so keep a weather eye out on our page to find out what we have been up to! Aaaarrrr!!!!



On Wednesday 10th September the most exciting discovery was made by Mr Dennis the Year 2 teacher. A scroll was washed up in a bottle and it was from a pirate called Capt. Hardwick!


He knows that we are learning about pirates and has asked for our help with lots of pirate themed missions....we were very excited!


We are working hard and waiting for the next scroll to appear so watch this space!





Our 1st scroll from Capt. Hardwick

We settled in really well to our new class.

The scroll from Captain Hardwick excited us and we couldn't wait to learn some more about pirates!

We love the pirate island role play area in Class 1!

To be a real pirate you must have the appropriate headwear!

Blackbeard and Grace O'Malley

We discovered lots of facts about these 2 famous pirates.

Did you know that Blackbeard's real name was Edward Teach? He was a very fearsome pirate who lit candles in his beard to scare his enemies! He did some very naughty things and even treated his own crew badly. He once left them on an island and sailed off with all of the treasure!


Grace O'Malley wanted to sail with her father but she wasn't allowed to because she was a girl. She cut off her long hair and dressed in boys clothes. She eventually ran away to see and became one of the most famous pirates to sail around Ireland and Europe!


We are very lucky to have 30 iPads. We LOVE them!

Mrs Arthur was very impressed with our knowledge and skills when using them.

We use the iPads every week. Here we are using the Brushes App to draw some fearsome pirate pictures.

iSing Pop!

Mrs Millar arranged an exciting treat for us this half term. Sarah from iSing Pop visited us and taught us some fantastic songs that help us to remember our Christian Values. We rehearsed really hard and even recorded our own CD! We then put on 2 concerts in the Church for our families. It was amazing!

Listening to pirate stories during Guided Reading is such fun!


In Maths we have been adding, subtracting, making number lines, measuring and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! Phew!


We try really hard to use mental maths to help us with some of these concepts but we also have lots of things in our classroom to help us learn. From beads strings and number lines to Numicon and multi-link.