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Our EYFS Statement of Intent

Welcome to Reception Class




Mrs Arthur, Mrs Goodall, Mrs Kay


Mrs Hayhoe, Miss Milward, Mrs Fisher


We have all settled into our new school really well and are very excited to share our adventures with you this year! 

We've had lots of fun exploring our new school and making friends.

Welcome to Reception Class


Mrs Arthur and Mrs Goodall


We have all been incredibly busy making new friends, exploring our new school and learning new routines.


We've had lots of fun together so far!

We've been learning the Phase 2 sounds and how to blend them together to help us read. We've also been segmenting the sounds to help us write CVC words.

In Maths we've been counting, ordering, subitising and exploring numbers to 5.

Every Monday we go to the forest to explore the world around us.

We've been exploring colour and texture too!

In PE we've been throwing, catching and moving in different ways.

Reception Class


Mrs Arthur and Mrs Goodall


Welcome to your first year at school!


We are all having fun together playing, exploring and learning new things.

Take a look at some of the things we have been doing so far this term!




Exploring our new school!

We've been learning letter sounds and how to read and write them.

Exploring colour and the artist Kandinsky!

At school we work hard to keep fit and healthy. Each week we use the timber trail and take part in yoga sessions to build our core strength!

Every Monday (whatever the weather!) we walk to the forest to explore, investigate, play and create.

St. Giles Church. We went for a walk to Church to explore this beautiful building. We were amazed by the gorgeous stained glass windows.

Diwali - We loved learning all about Diwali with an amazing workshop; it was a feast for the senses! When we got back to classroom we made models of Rama and Sita and acted out the story.

Fun in Phonics! We have been working so hard, blending, reading and writing new words.

In Maths we have been counting, sorting, doubling and partitioning. We have also discovered lots about the number 10!

Space! We have been learning all about space. We blasted off with Tim Peake and discovered how craters are formed. We have been amazing everyone with our new knowledge!

The Lost Sparkles of Christmas. We performed with Year 1 and Year 2 in this years Christmas Nativity. We were amazing!

We've been getting ready for Christmas! We decorated the classroom and have made some lovely decorations to take home.

We went to Smart Trees with Year 1. It was very muddy but that didn't stop us from having a fantastic time!

We have been learning about snow and ice. We painted using cold colours, explored ice using our senses and used an atlas and Google Earth to find out about the Polar regions.

We were concerned about the bush fires in Australia that some of us saw on the news at home. We decided to raise some money to help and so we baked Anzac biscuits to sell. We raised over £100 and sponsored a Koala with the WWF - we are now officially Koala Protectors!

After learning about Koalas we decided to open a vets in the role play. We learnt how to look after different animals from cats and dogs to lions and tigers!

So, things have become a little strange with the temporary closures of schools.

However - we will not stop learning!

Take a look at the link below - it will take you to see all of the wonderful home learning we have been doing during this time. 

Reception Class 2018-2019


Mrs Goodall and I have enjoyed meeting the new children this term.

They have all settled in really well and we are already busy learning, investigating, exploring and playing together!


Take a look at what we've been up to below.


Mrs Arthur

Exploring together...

We've been exploring colour! We mixed colours and looked closely at the artist Kandinsky. We have also been practising our reading and writing and having a lot of fun in the rain!

European Day of Languages. We learnt about Italy and even made our own pasta!

Light and Dark. We learnt about Bonfire Night, Diwali and shadows. It was a very busy week!

Remembrance - 100 years. We worked with Y1 to create our own poppy display outside school. We painted plastic bottles. We also made large tissue paper poppies for our classroom windows.

Wriggy Nativity! We performed our own Christmas Nativity - we were amazing!!!

Marvellous measuring! We've enjoyed measuring in all sorts of ways.

I Sing Pop! We had a fantastic time learning songs about our Christian Values. We performed in Church and even recorded our own CD!

Kung Hey Fat Choy! We celebrated Chinese New Year with Class 1. We made stir-fry and paper dragons, tasted Chinese food and even had a go at a Dragon Dance!

We have been learning all about the Polar Regions. We explored Google Earth on the iPads, discovered what ice felt like, made paper cup penguins and then played in real snow!

Stay and Play. Our 4th session was once again a huge success! Thank you so much to everyone who came, the children loved showing off what they could do!

Chicks! We had a very special delivery - 7 little eggs that hatched and our popped 7 little chicks! We loved learning all about chickens and even showcased our learning by leading our own Collective Worship for our families.

The Little Red Hen. We learnt to tell this story off by heart! We also did some amazing writing about the story.

Godly Play. We took part in the whole school Godly Play morning based on the Easter Story. We listened carefully to the story and the responded by creating our own models and artwork.

Reception 2017-2018

We've had a really busy first few weeks at school! Here are some of the things we have been up to!

We've all settled brilliantly into school!

We've been enjoying lots of different activities.

Fun at Muddy Monday! We've been watching the seasons change.

We've been working really hard to learn our phonemes and how to write the graphemes for them.

We enjoyed sharing books with Year 3.



This half term we have been learning all about Space. Take a look at what we've been up to so far...