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Curriculum coverage

This term we will be focussing on writing to persuade. We will be transferring our reading into writing skills based on the book The Great Chocolate Plot by Chris Callaghan and The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. We will use the story to inspire writing a persuasive chocolate advert as well as writing a letter of persuasion to sell our chocolate products.  The children will learn to use when writing texts to persuade include:

Emotive language, using language that triggers emotion. Alliterative words, using multiple words beginning with the same letter in a row. Repeated words/rule of three, using the same word multiple times for effect and they will be using verbs in their past progressive form.

Children will come home with a reading for pleasure book and a banded reading book. In school, children will

Have guided reading lessons 3 per week, where they will read with an adult. There will also be other opportunities for the children to read individually to an adult inside or outside of the classroom. Our class novel this whole term will be The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge

At Home: Even though your child is in year 5, it is vital for you to listen to them read at home aloud at least three times a week. At Bredon Hancock’s we promote a love of reading throughout the school and it really does make a difference to their success in school if we have your full support with this at home. We would also like you to practise spellings with them once a week.