Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


We will be exploring the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age periods. We will look at what made these periods in history special exploring the discoveries and inventions. We will look at what cave men were really like and discover what it would have been like to live in those times. We will examine the types of homes people used to live in, what they ate and how they farmed. We will also learn why historical artefacts are important and how we can use them to help us discover information about the past.



In Art, our focus is prehistoric paintings. We will discover how and why our ancient ancestors made art, experimenting with natural materials to make homemade paints and playing with scale to paint on a range of surfaces.



In D&T, we will explain that fruits and vegetables grow in different countries based on their climates, understand that ‘seasonal’ fruits and vegetables are those that grow in a given season and taste best then, know that eating seasonal fruit and vegetables has a positive effect on the environment, design our own tart recipe using seasonal ingredients, understand the basic rules of food hygiene and safety and follow the instructions within a recipe.



Fundamentals: Pupils will develop the fundamental skills of balancing, running, jumping, hopping and skipping. Pupils will develop their ability to change direction with balance and control. They will be given the opportunity to explore how the body moves at different speeds as well as how to accelerate and decelerate.
Pupils will be asked to observe and recognise improvements for their own and others’ performances and identify areas of strength and areas for development. Pupils will be given the opportunity to work on their own and with others, taking turns and sharing ideas.


OAA: Pupils develop problem solving skills through a range of challenges. Pupils work as a pair and small group to plan, solve, reflect and improve on strategies. They learn to be inclusive of others and work collaboratively to overcome challenges. Pupils learn to orientate a map, identify key symbols and follow routes.



Children will be exploring some similarities and differences between France and the UK, learning about famous French landmarks as well as being introduced to the language, learning to count and and the days of the week.


Jigsaw - PSHE:

In our PSHE lessons, we are focusing on 'Being Me in My World'. We will set personal goals, make responsible choices, understand the importance of rules, recognise rewards and consequences and explore how actions affect others.



Our learning will focus around Let Your Spirit Fly - an R&B song for children. The children will learn how to sing with different notations, different rhythms and will be assigned different parts of the song to sing and perform.