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Silly Science Workshop - March 2024


Friends of Bredon Hancock's paid for each class to take part in a silly Science workshop.

On Monday 18th March, we were visited by Professor Sulphate! She showed us lots of experiments which amazed us all! We learnt about thrust, fire, pressure and aerodynamics. The children reveled in this amazing workshop, their laughter and the lively cacophony emanating from the hall filled with excitement as they marveled at rockets shooting, flames dancing, and toilet paper adorning the space, creating an atmosphere of sheer awe.


Young Voices - January 2024


Year 4 and 5 travelled to Birmingham Resorts World to participate in Young Voices 2024. The auditorium was alive with the sound of laughter, the harmony of voices, and the rhythm of young hearts beating in sync. It was a night to remember, with children buzzing with excitement, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Christingle Making with the Open the Book Team - January 2024


The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been very busy in school making Christingles for the Christingle Service being held in St Giles Church, Sunday 14th January at 4pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Smart Trees - December 2023

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took a trip to Smart Trees, where they completed some orienteering, a nature hunt and they even got to ride on the tractor. The children were very excited to meet the herd of reindeer and even got the opportunity to talk to Santa and receive a present!

The Twinkly Nativity - December 2023

Our KS1 and EYFS classes were shiny superstars in our performance of 'The Twinkly Nativity'. They beautifully retold the story of the birth of Jesus through narration, singing and dancing. The spirit of the season was alive in every rehearsal, in every song sang and every line memorised by our talented performers. It was truly heart-warming to witness the collaborative magic that has gone into creating this year’s magical performance.

Christmas Choir Performance at Bredon Warm Room - December 2023

The choir took to Bredon Warm Room to bring joy and share their Christmas cheer. They sang beautifully and bought the school vision of love and Christian spirituality to life. 


Comment from Louise Jenkins, SIAMS Governor:

"As a Governor and the SIAMS link monitor at Bredon Hancock’s, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the welcoming crowd watching the School Choir bring joy and Christmas cheer to the Bredon Warm Room. I would like to personally thank Mrs Bulman, Mrs Arthur, Miss Newton-Smith, Mrs Weir, Mrs Hutchinson and Miss Watson for bringing the children to the village hall, sporting Santa hats and tinsel. Those that were there to watch were able to see the school vision of love and Christian spirituality at its best. Being invited to sing demonstrates our partnership with the local community and the mutual respect we share. Bredon Hancock's choir are Superstars."

Christmas Pantomime at the Village Hall - December 2023

The children were transported to a magical fairytale land upon their arrival at the village hall. They were treated to a wonderful story where they had to help all of the fairy tales be completed before the stroke of midnight. A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to the Friends of Bredon Hancock’s for orchestrating the enchanting pantomime and generously supplying popcorn for all our children.

Bedtime Stories - November 2023

The enchanting bedtime stories event transported both young and old to a magical realm of imagination. As the room embraced darkness, a constellation of twinkly lights illuminated the space, creating an ambiance that was both cosy and mystical. The air was filled with anticipation and wonder as children gathered to enjoy the tales that unfolded in the gentle glow. The event's success was not only attributed to the captivating stories but also to the considerate and compassionate staff that stayed late at school and the thoughtful organisation by the Friends of Bredon Hancock’s. Their meticulous planning and dedication ensured that refreshments were readily available, adding an extra layer of comfort and delight to an already magical evening. It was a testament to the power of community and the joy that comes from shared stories and shared treats.

Year 2 History Trip to Hartlebury Museum - November 2023

 In History this term, Year 2 are learning about how schools have changed over time and what they were like in the past. The children were transported back to the 1900s on a visit to Hartlebury Museum, where they learnt about what school was like. They were greeted by their teacher for the day, Mrs. Prim, before having to line up in height order, otherwise, they couldn’t enter the school room.

Year 4 and 5 Cross Country Competition - November 2023

The children that participated in the event worked hard and demonstrated determination and perseverance.

Sammy and Gracie won the Year 5 Cluster Cross Country

Our boys won the Year 5 team event: 1st place: Sammy, Blair, Jenson and Noah 

Our girls won the Year 5 team event: 1st place: Gracie, Ava, Isla and Ffion

Our Year 4 boys team event: 2nd place: Archie, Dylan, Tim and Harrison D

Everyone was awesome and did the best that they could; we are extremely proud of you. 


Severn Trent Water - Wonderful Water Workshops - November 2023

Rob from Severn Trent came to talk to us all about how super our sewers are and what Severn Trent's role is in cleaning and piping water to our homes. He reminded us why we should keep our bodies hydrated and we learnt about how bad it can be if litter ends up in our water supply.

Thank you Rob for coming to visit us again!

Little Litter Warriors - October 2023

Karen from Little Litter Warriors came to our school to reiterate to everyone the message about keeping our planet clean. She showed us the damage that litter can do if it enters our waterways and everyone in school enjoyed a workshop. KS1 sorted litter and considered what they could do to reduce waste and ensured our school environment was litter free. KS2 children walked around our local area to tidy up and remove the litter they found. It was fascinating and horrifying to see how much we found in such a short space of time! Well done children!

Year 3 & 5 Football Festival - October 2023

It is with great pride and joy that we extend our warmest congratulations to our Year 3 and Year 5 football teams for their remarkable achievements and commendable sportsmanship during the recent festival. 

Our football team has once again proven that excellence on the field goes hand in hand with sportsmanship and teamwork. Their exceptional dedication, perseverance, and unity have shone brightly.

Year 3 History Trip to Bishop Wood - October 2023

As part of the history curriculum - 'Would you prefer to live in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?' we visited Bishop Wood. We became Stone Age nomads for the day. We built our shelters, hunted and gathered food, grinded flour and weaved nets and fences. We even learnt to light fires!

Roman Trip to the Corinium Museum - September 2023

Year 4 visited the Cirencester Corinium Museum to kick start our learning on Roman Britain. When we arrived, we met our guide who told us what it was like living in Britain when the Romans invaded. Then we created mosaics, played traditional games, explored the food they ate and dressed up like Romans. After that, we had time to explore the rest of the museum and see all of the artefacts, including some amazing, humongous mosaics.

Winchcombe Evacuation Experience - September 2023

Year 5 had a fantastic time on Tuesday 12th September dressing up as evacuees and taking part in a fun packed day from the 1940’s. 

Piano Concert 2023

We are so proud of the children that took part. On Google Classroom there is a link for you to watch the whole video.

World Book Day 2023

On March 2nd, we celebrated World Book Day. Each class selected a book by Oliver Jeffers to complete their learning for the day. The children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character and they did not disappoint! They were also invited to take part in a competition to represent their favourite book characters and we were overwhelmed by the response.

House Challenge - 30th January 2023

KS2 joined forces to celebrate National Storytelling Week through art. The children divided into their houses to share the story of Sulwe, before discussing the key themes that came across in the story. The children were then challenged to work collaboratively to create an image which depicted the story.

MacMillan Coffee Morning - Friday 23rd September 2022

Year 5 organised a lovely coffee morning for the community. WE had lots of cakes donated and was even able to hold a cake sale after school.

Well done everyone.


Virtual Author Visit - Sarah Roberts - Thursday 22nd September 2022

Sarah Roberts, author of ‘Someone crunched Colin’ and  ‘Someone swallowed Stanley’, visited school virtually on Thursday 22nd September 2022. This was our prize for finding the oldest piece of litter last half term.  She read and talked about her new book and we all had the chance to ask lots of questions.  It was very thought provoking thinking about climate change.


Roald Dahl Day 2022


The children enjoyed a day celebrating the life and works of Roald Dahl. Some children dressed up as one of his characters, some children created a 'book in a box' and everyone enjoyed listening to his stories and learning about his writing.

Please remember to check your child's own 'Class Pages' for all the wonderful events they have been involved in throughout the term! Thanks! 

The school celebrates 300 years of service to its community!


What a great day was had by all on Friday 15th June 2018. It all started with a visit from some very important people including the Bishop of Worcester, who came in to have a look around our school and bless our new ‘Garden of Reflection’ and Catherine Driscoll the Director for Education for WCC. We all then headed down to Church for a very special service. It was then back to school for a family celebratory picnic where there was plenty of food including a magnificent cake kindly donated by Class Catering along with lots of other goodies supplied by parents. Trees were planted by Derrick Grainger, (former Head Teacher), Father Matthew & Councillor Adrian Hardman. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who came, donated a cake, helped set up and clear away. Special thanks to Mrs Wilding for her artistic flair in decorating the field and around school. We had lots of comments about how festive and beautiful school looked and how well behaved our children were. Thank you to Mrs Bolem-Edwards for making her ‘Bishop Bear’ which was presented to Bishop John on the day and to Mrs Holliday for her piloting skills in producing a spectacular aerial photo of the school. Special note also to Wendy Stafford for making our beautiful stained glass window with some designing help from our children. Now please enjoy the plethora of photos kindly taken by Meg Hanlon.