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Meet our Eco Warriors for 2023/2024

Eco Club look at the biodiversity in our school grounds (May 2024)

Children from throughout the school, who attend our lunchtime Eco club, audited the different areas in our school grounds and looked closely at the kinds of wildlife we attract. They took pictures of what they saw and we mapped out in green everything that we thought was great about our school ground in terms of biodiversity. The children considered how we could attract more wildlife, improve our grounds further and sketched some ideas of what this might look like. We recorded future plans in green. We have entered our work into a competition, but hope to make some of our ideas a reality very soon!

Year 4 Visit Envirosort, Worcester (May 2024)

The year 4 children visited Envirosort, to find out what happens to all the recycling they put in their green bins. They learnt about what all the different machines do, saw them in action, found out what our recycling can be turned in to and took home messages about what should and SHOULD NOT go in our recycling bins! Jenny, our guide, commented on their brilliant listening, interesting questions and their super behaviour during the trip. Well done Year 4!

Year 3 learn about what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint (March 2023)

The children in class 3 have thought carefully about the kinds of things they can each do to reduce their own carbon footprint. They have made pledges of things they can do to help and then entered the "Get Set for Positive Energy" competition in association with British Gas, Team GB and  Paralympics GB. They each designed their sustainable school of the future with accessibility for all, incorporating some amazing ideas based on what they have learnt.



The Big Battery Hunt (Spring Term 2024)

Our Eco Team are leading the Big Battery hunt across the school. At our most recent meeting, they learnt how batteries should be recycled safely and responsibly so the chemicals don't harm our environment and parts can be made into new items. We will be having a competition to see which class brings in the most batteries and competing in a nationwide competition too, to win prizes for our school.

Severn Trent Water - Wonderful Water Workshops (November 2023)

Rob from Severn Trent came to talk to us all about how super our sewers are and what Severn Trent's role is in cleaning and piping water to our homes. He reminded us why we should keep our bodies hydrated and we learn about how bad it can be if litter ends up in our water supply. Thank you Rob for coming to visit us again!

Little Litter Warriors (October 2023)

Karen from Little Litter Warriors came to our school to reiterate to everyone the message about keeping our planet clean. saw She showed us the damage that litter can do if it enters our waterways and everyone in school enjoyed a workshop with Karen. KS2 children walked around our local area to tidy up and remove the litter they found. It was fascinating and horrifying to see how much we found in such a short space of time! KS1 sorted litter and considered what they could do to reduce waste and ensured our school environment was litter free. Well done children!

Eco Team elections (September 2023)

Several children in school stood for election and our new Eco Warriors have been voted in by their classmates! During our first meeting of the year, the children put forward their ideas and got stuck into their new roles by helping harvest some of the tomatoes and other vegetables that had been planted in the garden!

Cllr Alex Sinton visits Year 3 (March 2023)

The children in Class 3 enjoyed a visit from Cllr Alex Sinton, the Chairman of Wychavon District Council. He told the children all about the council's Intelligently Green Plan and discussed what it means. The children then had a chance to play the Council's online waste disposal game, which we hope they will share with you at home! Thank you very much for visiting Cllr Sinton, we had an enjoyable and informative morning!

Year 1 clear up our school grounds (February 2023)

The year 1 children heard all about which materials should go in the black bin and which should be recycled. They then took a good look round our school grounds and helped to ensure it was clean and tidy without a trace of litter, in time for the half term holiday! Well done to all the children involved!

Severn Trent Workshops (November 2022)

We had Rob visit from Severn Trent. During an assembly, he taught us all about how important it was to stay hydrated. KS2 children took part in Sewage Soup workshops too, where they used various methods of filtration to get the dirty water as clean as they possibly could. It was lots of fun and made us all think carefully about what we put down our sinks and into our toilets!

Visit to Envirosort, Worcester (October 2022)

Our Year 4 children enjoyed a visit to Envirosort where they learnt all about what we should be putting into our recycling bins. They produced poetry for National Poetry Day with the theme of "The Environment" and were lucky enough to have a tour of the factory too, to see how our waste is sorted and how the machines work.

Sarah Roberts pays a virtual visit to KS2 (September 2022)

After finding the OLDEST piece of litter in Worcestershire in the Summer Term, KS2 were treated to a virtual visit from Sarah Roberts, the author of "Somebody Swallowed Stanley" and "Somebody Crunched Colin," as a prize! She read us her new book, "Somebody Woke Winston", discussed climate change and taught us more about how we can help to prevent this happening. We had the chance to ask her questions about the books she writes and hear all about her experiences. Thank you Sarah!

July 2022 - We had a visit from Karen at Little Litter Warriors. We found out lots of information about the importance of looking after our environment, then all had a go at finding all the litter round our school grounds, at the playing fields in the village and in the churchyard too. It was amazing to find out how long some of the litter had been there as we were able to find dates on some packaging.

May 2022 Update

This term, children across the school have been learning about the importance of re-using and recycling our waste products. They have learnt which items should go in which bin, what happens once our bins are collected and what happens to our waste once it gets to the recycling plant. Scroll down to see what each class have been doing to reduce our waste and make our environment a better place for all!

Have you seen how beautiful our school grounds are looking? Well done to year 2 for planting the flowers in the small playground and keeping them looking fabulous!

Year 3 have been making sure our school environment is litter-free.

Year 2 made old milk bottles into bird feeders!

Year 5 have done a fantastic job making paper gift bags out of old pieces of newspaper.

Year 4 have designed posters to explain what can be recycled, and created new birthday cards out of old ones, as well as making their envelopes out of scrap paper!