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If You Have a Concern




We urge parents and carers to contact us at their earliest convenience if they are unhappy with any aspect of their child's schooling.


We much prefer to know people's concerns, find solutions together, and build relationships that will serve a child throughout their education with us.


For this reason, the informal raising of concerns can often be the best way to first alert us to a problem. 

Informal Complaints


Informal complaints or concerns can be raised by telephone, email, in writing or in person. Please email the school office and mark 'For the Attention of' with the class teacher's name. 

Formal Complaints


Formal complaints, to the Headteacher and above (stages 4 and 5 on the ladder below), should always be made in writing.


Before doing so, please do make sure you have read this page fully and are familiar with our complaints procedure, which is available to view both at the bottom of this page and in the “ Policies” section of our full policies page 



Our Informal Procedures Ladder