Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!


Mass and Capacity:

We will continue our learning about mass and capacity by:

  • Adding and subtracting mass;
  • Measuring capacity and volume in ml and l;
  • Finding equivalent capacities and volumes;
  • Compare capacity and volume;
  • Add and subtract capacity and volume.



We will revisit our previous fractions learning before learning how to:

  • Add and subtract fractions;
  • Partition the whole;
  • Finding unit and non-unit fractions of a set of objects;
  • Reasoning with fractions of an amount.



In our money unit, we will:

  • Explore the relationship between pounds and pence;
  • Convert between pounds and pence;
  • Add and subtract money;
  • Find change.