Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!


Key question: What do Christians learn from the Creation Story?

By the end of this unit, children will recognise:

  • God the Creator cares for creation, including human beings;
  • As human beings are part of God’s good creation, they do best when they listen to God;
  • The Bible shows that God wants to help people to be close to him – he keeps his relationship with them, gives them guidance om good ways to live (such as the 10 commandments), and offers forgiveness even when they keep falling short;
  • Christians believe God made our wonderful world and so we should look after it;
  • The Bible tells a story (in Genesis 3) about how humans spoiled their friendship with God (sometimes called ‘the Fall’);
  • This means that humans cannot get close to God without God’s help;
  • Christians show that they want to be close to God too, through obedience and worship, which includes saying sorry for falling short.