Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


This term, the children will be learning about the UK in further detail, before learning about a destination in Eastern Europe – Russia. The children will have an opportunity to explore the countries and capital cities within Europe, before focusing in on Russia. We will explore the physical and human features of both an area in the UK – Bredon and Worcester, compared to Moscow in Russia.


Design and Technology:

In DT, the children will be learning how to use an electrical system to create an electrical poster. They will create a design criteria, create rough ideas, before reviewing to create a final design. They will then assemble a poster, using a function circuit.



In our athletics lessons, pupils will develop basic running, jumping and throwing techniques. They will be set challenges for distance and time that involve using different styles and combinations of running, jumping and throwing. They will think about how to achieve their greatest possible speed, distance or accuracy and learn how to persevere to achieve their personal best. The children will also continue with their swimming lessons every Friday; in these lessons, they are focusing on developing the accuracy of their swimming strokes and developing their stamina over a longer distance.



This term, our learning will be based around key French texts. We will be learning how to read the texts Abois Georges and Je suis Trop Gros and recognising the vocabulary within the text. We will also be learning about Bastille Day and why it is celebrated. Bastille Day takes place every year on July 14 and commemorates the storming of Bastille during the French Revolution.



In Jigsaw, we will be learning about how babies grow and understanding what a baby needs to live and grow. We will also explore and revisit sun safety, before exploring family roles in more detail. We will end our Jigsaw unit by looking forward to our next class and changes we will make.



In our lessons, our learning will be consolidating the learning that has occurred during the year. All the learning is focused around revisiting songs and musical activities, a context for the History of Music and the beginnings of the Language of Music. There will also be the opportunity to play instruments within the song and improvise using voices and instruments.



In Computing, we will explore the links between events and actions, while consolidating prior learning relating to sequencing. The children begin by moving a sprite in four directions, then explore movement within the context of a maze, using design to choose an appropriately sized sprite. This unit also introduces programming extensions, through the use of Pen blocks and are given the opportunity to draw lines with sprites and change the size and colour of lines. The children will create their own maze-tracing program.