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C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!


Library Overhaul

The staff at school have spent a great deal of time overhauling the library to make it more accessible for the children. The books have now been accurately book banded and levelled, so children can become more independent when selecting their home reading books. The picture book, non-fiction section and poetry section has also been organised! Our next step will be to look into redesigning the library with the children's input to make it an area that they enjoy using. A big thank you to Mrs Goodall, Mrs McGuigan, Miss Dobbs and Mr Boote who have helped with the book banding and sorting of the library.

Sponsored Read

Over the Easter holidays, the children were challenged to complete a sponsored read with a number of different bingo challenges. The challenges included reading outside, reading a book with a blue cover and reading a non-fiction book. Children were also challenged to read in the most interesting place they could find. Thank you to all of the children who took part - we raised a massive £960, which will go towards topic books for each class.

National Storytelling Week

This week, we combined National Storytelling Week with Number Day. Each class had a mathematical based book which they explored and completed activities based upon. Classes shared different stories at the end of the day. Year 3 particularly enjoyed 'The Lost Happy Endings'.

World Book Day - March 2023

This year, the children were invited to dress up as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book to share. Throughout the day, each class focused on a text by Oliver Jeffers and completed a number of fun activities to share. Some classes took part in the BBC live lesson and learnt how to use effective vocabulary to create their characters.


The children were set a challenge at home to create their favourite book characters using either eggs or potatoes! We were blown away by the effort put in by all of the children and school council deliberated for a LONG time about the winner for each class!


Book Club

At Book Club, the children were given the opportunity to explore new books, as well as talk about the classics. The children were able share about their favourite stories and authors and explain why they were their favourites. We wrote to our favourite authors and sent off the letters - we even had one back after we sent one to J.K. Rowling. We also sent off our front covers to Jennifer Bell after reading her book 'Wonderscape' and designed our own front cover based on our own 'Wonderscape'.

Bedtime Stories - November 2022

The children were invited back to school in their cosy pyjamas, slippers and some even bought their teddies along to take part in our bedtime stories events! The classroom was turned into a magical wonderland with fairy lights and lots of comfy beanbags and cushions for everyone to cuddle into to enjoy a range of stories shared by teachers and the governors! We can't wait to run this event again next year!