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Curriculum Enrichment

Smart Trees - Monday 18th December

The children visited a very muddy Smart Trees! They used their directional skills to find the words hidden in the trees, before going to see the reindeer and visit Santa. They also had a great time going on a tractor ride around the farm!

The Twinkly Nativity - 12 - 14th December

This year, the children became the cast of the Twinkly Nativity. They performed absolutely fantastically across three days to retell the story of the birth of Jesus, with a little twist.


Children in Need Bearpees - 17th November 2023

We participated in the Children in Need challenge. Across school, each class had a designated slot to take part in the 'bearpee' challenge. Year 2 did an excellent job taking part in their challenge, and our worship ambassadors even kept it going through our celebration assembly!


Hartlebury Museum - 16th November 2023

In History this term, Year 2 are learning about how schools have changed over time and what they were like in the past. Last Thursday, they were transported back to the 1900s on a visit to Hartlebury Museum, where they learnt about what school was like. They were greeted by their teacher for the day, Mrs Prim, before having to line up in height order, otherwise, they couldn’t enter the school room. They also had to line up in a boys’ line and girls’ line and had to sit separately in the classroom. The children were fascinated that they needed to put a bench down to sit on and had to sit two to a bench for their learning. They also learnt that a child’s height and weight would have been taken as they were worried about the weight of the soldiers at the time. As the day progressed, the children took part in a traditional reading lesson and learnt about the punishments that would have been during this time period including the cane, a wooden back board for sitting straight and the dunce’s hat! The children got to experience a traditional playtime complete with wooden toys such as yo-yos and spinning tops and learnt how the children used metal hoops! To end the day, the children explored the museum to identify how the items we use in schools have changed over time and have started to make comparisons. I am looking forward to seeing how our learning progresses over this half term.

Water Workshop - 15th November 2023

We have been visited by Severn Trent Water. We looked at how sewerage was transported and cleaned and we looked at what shouldn't be flushed down the toilet! We also looked at the importance of staying hydrated and the impact being hydrated had on our bodies.