Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

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Traction Man is Here

Through the use of this text, Traction Man is Here by Mini Grey, the children will learn about sentences with different forms, applying co-ordinating conjunctions (and, or, but) and explore how to start sentences in a different way. We will introduce planning our own writing and recording ideas to create our own version of the story. We will also continue to embed capital letters and full stops to ensure our writing is grammatically accurate. The children will also work to create a descriptive piece of writing to describe the character of Traction Man - the children will develop the use of expanded noun phrases and accurately embed them within their sentences.


How to Catch Santa

The children will also be exposed to the text ‘How to Catch Santa’ by Jean Reagan, where we will be writing our own instructions. We will explore how to use imperative verbs, adverbs and working in a sequence. The children will explore the structure of a good set of instructions, before composing their own set of instructions.