Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


How did we learn to fly?

In this unit, we will be exploring the important events surround the history of flight and we will be explaining how a significant event has changed the lives of others. We will be exploring how to ask questions and continue to use primary sources to find out about people and events in the past. We will also review chronology and order events.


Design and Technology:


In this unit, we will firstly learn how to create a fairground wheel, before moving onto making moving monsters. In our fairground wheel unit, we will revisit the parts of a wheel before considering the materials, shape, construction and mechanisms of the wheel. We will then design and label a fairground wheel, before building a stable structure and follow a plan.


In the moving monster unit, we will identify the correct terms for levers, linkages and pivots. We will look at popular toys with this terminology, before creating functional linkages that produce the desired input and output motions. The children will design monsters and evaluate their designs against the design criteria. Once the evaluation has taken place, the children will then assemble their monsters.



Programming: Robot Algorithms

In Computing, this unit develops the learners’ understanding of instructions in sequences and the use of logical reasoning to predict outcomes. The children will learn how to give commands in different orders to investigate how the order affects the outcome. They will also learn about design in programming and they will develop artwork and test it to use in a program.



Fitness and Dance

In fitness, pupils will take part in a range of activities to develop components of fitness. Pupils will begin to explore and develop agility, balance, co-ordination, speed and stamina. Pupils will be given the opportunity to work independently and with others. Pupils will develop perseverance and show determination to work for longer periods of time.


In dance, pupils will explore space and how their body can move to express and idea, mood, character or feeling. They expand their knowledge of travelling actions and use them in relation to a stimulus. They will build on their understanding of dynamics and expression. They will use counts of 8 consistently to keep in time with the music and a partner. Pupils will also explore pathways, levels, shapes, directions, speeds and timing. They will be given the opportunity to work independently and with others to perform and provide feedback beginning to use key terminology.



Dreams and Goals

Our Jigsaw unit focuses on 'Dreams and Goals'. We will firstly identify a realistic goal and find ways to achieve it. We will talk about the word perseverance and identify some of our strengths. We will discuss teamwork and work cooperatively to create a final product.



Telling a story

Music is used for many reasons and can help us to tell a story and express our feelings. Music can be loud or soft, fast or slow, smooth and connected, or short and detached. We can also use instruments with different sounds to help communicate a story and different emotions. In this unit, we will explore the music in the unit and try to connect our feelings with what we hear. We will also use the music to explore loud and soft sounds.