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Writing to entertain - Arthur and the Golden Rope

In English, we will be using the book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' to support our writing. Our focus will be on writing to entertain and our final piece of writing will be to write a quest story. This text has a cross curricular link with our history topic of the Vikings so we will be able to draw upon our knowledge of the Vikings to support our writing. We will continue to develop our use of description within our writing through our choice of vocabulary and descriptive techniques. We will also learn how to introduce speech into our writing, giving us the opportunity to learn how to punctuate direct speech.

Writing to persuade - Dare to Care Pet Dragon


Towards the end of Summer 1, we will move our writing focus to writing to persuade. We will use the book 'Dare to Care Pet Dragon' to support us to write an advert persuading someone to own a pet dragon. We will explore the features of adverts and draw upon our knowledge of persuasive writing to think about what techniques we could include.