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Religious Education

Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

In this unit of work, the children will be exploring the importance of Christmas to Christians. We will explore the story from the Gospel of Luke through the use of imagery and retelling of the story through our own words. We will also explore Christmas cards to see which have signs of the story and which do not and we will explore the word 'advent' as the arrival of something of someone, and link this to the four weeks leading up to Christmas.


By the end of the unit, pupils are expected to be able to:

  • Give a clear, simple account of the story of Jesus' birth and why Jesus is important for Christians;
  • Recognise that stories of Jesus' life come from the Gospels.
  • Give examples of ways in which Christians use the story of the nativity to guide their beliefs and actions at Christmas.
  • Decide what they personally have to be thankful for at Christmas time.