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Religious Education

What makes some places sacred to believers?

Make sense of belief:

• Recognise that there are special places where people go to worship, and talk about what people do there.

• Identify at least three objects used in worship in two religions and give a simple account of how they are used and something about what they mean.

• Identify a belief about worship and a belief about God, connecting these beliefs simply to a place of worship.


Understand the impact:

• Give examples of stories, objects, symbols and actions used in churches, mosques and/or synagogues that show what people believe.

• Give simple examples of how people worship at a church, mosque or synagogue.

• Talk about why some people like to belong to a sacred building or a community.


Make connections:

• Think, talk and ask good questions about what happens in a church, synagogue or mosque, saying what they think about these questions, giving good reasons for their ideas.

• Talk about what makes some places special to people, and what the difference is between religious and non-religious special places.