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Religious Education

R.E – Who is Muslim and how do they live?

To commence our learning based around the question 'Who is Muslim and how do they live?', we will be visiting The Central Mosque in Worcester, where we will be invited into the prayer hall for a talk, then we will shown the wash area and the second prayer hall. We will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions to someone who follows the Islamic faith and compare this to our own beliefs. 


Over the summer term we will be learning the following:

  • We will recognise the words of the Shahadah and its importance to Muslims;
  • We will identify some of the key Muslim beliefs about God found in the Shahadah and the 99 names of Allah, and give a simple description of what some of them mean;
  • We will give examples of how stories about the Prophet show what Muslims believe about Muhammad;
  • We will give examples of how Muslims put their beliefs about prayer into action.