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Class 3

Stone Age Necklaces


We have been learning all about the Stone Age this term.  We found out about the fact that they early stone age people would have worn necklaces made of clay beads and teeth.  We have had a go at making our own clay necklaces.

We made Stone Age necklaces from clay

Mike from Gymrun


Mike came in to help us with our Gymrun assessment.  He has tested our fitness levels at the start of the year and then we will do it again in the Summer term to see if we have improved.  We even get to earn badges!

Gymrun with Mike

Worcester Warriors Tag Rugby Sessions


Dave from Worcester Warriors has been coming in once a week to teach us all the skills we need in order to play Tag Rugby.  We have even started to have a go at playing matches!

Tag Rugby sessions run by Dave from Worcester Warriors

Welcome to Class 3 2021-2022


Welcome to another year!  We have already been really busy, even though we are only 4 weeks into the new school year.  So far, we have had Dave from Worcester Warriors in to do some Tag Rugby training with us, have completed our Gymrun baseline assessment, been learning about the Stone Age, made clay necklaces and much more!   

Stone Age food

Hindu workshop


On Friday, we had a visit from a company who taught us a bit about the Hindu faith.  We started to learn about their beliefs and culture.  Some of us even got to dress up to represent some of the aspects of their God.  This was linked to Divali.  Below are some pictures of our experience. 

Hindu workshop


Welcome to Class 3 Autumn term!


Welcome to Class 3! I hope you all had an amazing summer holiday and welcome to any new families joining us! Mrs. McGuigan and I are looking forward to a fantastic year! If you have any questions or queries – no matter how small – please pop in for a chat or drop me a note.

Skipping competition

Converting cm to m


Class 3 were set the task of converting cm in to metres.  However this was not any old piece of work, they were converting the lengths of... 



Once they had converted the measurements we then went out into the sunshine and spent a fantastic morning using our converted measurements to measure out the length of actual dinosaurs.  Some were huge!

Measuring Dinosaurs



Class 3 have been using fractions strips to work out equivalent fractions.  It involved a lot of folding strips of bright paper, but was great fun!

Stay and Play

Family members were invited to stay and play with the children one morning.

We all had great fun playing a variety of board games! 

Shoe box theatres

As part of our spring topic Class 3 have designed and made shoe box theatres.  They have even written play scripts based on a fairy tales to perform in the theatres.  Below are some pictures of the theatres in progress.

Shoe box theatres

Gym Run


The whole school have participated in Gym Run this term.  We worked with Year 2.  We had to do a number of activities and record how much we managed of each one in a minute.  This information was then taken away by the company and they awarded us each a coloured badge to show where we are at the moment in terms of our fitness.  The aim is then to work on these activities through out the year to get even better.  Then in the Summer term we will do them again to see if we have improved

Gym Run



Class 3 visited Bishopswood.  We spent the day being Vikings.  We got to row in a willow long ship, see a fire lit in a Viking long house and even got to spin wool and make a Viking broach.  It was an excellent (if slightly chilly!) day enjoyed by all.

Remembrance Day

Year 5 ran an assembly on remembrance for us all to watch.  We were so inspired that we created our own poppies of remembrance in our classroom.

Remembrance Day


Our PE for this half term has been Yoga.  It has been great fun watching Class 3 trying to get into some very bendy Yoga poses!  They have all tried really hard and it has been impressive watching their balance and core strength improve!


Odd sock day

Still image for this video
We celebrated Odd sock day which was in recognition of Anti-bullying day. We did work on celebrating the fact that everyone is different. All of us wore odd socks as part of the day and we also created our own designs that celebrated our own uniqueness

Worcester Warriors


We were lucky enough to have the Worcester Warriors outreach team (Dave) come out and run some sessions with us.  Dave taught us lots of skills on how to handle a rugby ball and built us up to play games of Tag rugby.  We all had great fun, although we did get a bit muddy!

Worcester Warriors

Operation Bible

We visited the local Baptist Church in Tewkesbury, where we took part in 'Operation Bible'. 

We travelled through a time machine and interviewed characters from the past who had witnessed some of the miracles that Jesus had performed.  We were trying to pick apart the stories to find out what had happened.

Operation Bible


Godly Play

We worked with Mrs Budrey creating art worked based on a Godly play story

Godly Play

Autumn Term 2018

What a busy term we have already had!


So far this term we have settled in and had many exciting events!  We have already celebrated Odd sock day, National Parliament day, Children in need and many more.  


We have also been looking at the topic of Vikings, discovering many new facts about them.  For example did you know Thursday was originally named after the Viking god Thor and was known as Thor's day?

Emotions Bottles


As part of mental health week the children were asked to create emotions bottles.  They have glitter inside them that when shaken can be used to help de-stress

Emotions bottles

Internet safety day


As part of internet safety day the children learnt about how to keep safe while working or playing online.  They thought about all the positive and negatives about using the internet and what they should do.


The children then worked in groups to create presentations of the positives and negatives and linked them to experiences they may have had.  Each group then presented their ideas.

Internet safety presentations



Last week we were lucky enough to have snow!  We were even able to go out and create our own snowmen and have some fun.  We did however make sure that we wrapped up warm!

Parliament Day


Class three held a debate on National Parliament day.  They first learnt a bit about what Parliament is, and the job it does for our country.  They then were given the topic of 'Should Fidget spinners be allowed in school?'


The children were split into two different groups - the 'for' and the 'against' parties.   They then were given time to come up with the arguments to try and sway others to their way of thinking.  Next came the debate!  Both groups were given time to present their arguments and reply to the other parties points.  Then they held a silent vote.  The against team won!

Parliament day

Tea and Talk


The whole school took part in 'Tea and Talk' this term where the children cooked their own biscuits and then were given time to sit and talk to each other and teachers while sharing what they had made.  


Please see the photos below.

Our trip to Bishopswood to learn about Vikings

Viking trip


On Monday 13th November Year 3 got to experience what life as a Viking might have been like.  We went to Bishopswood and did a range of activities.


The children got to make a viking thumb bowl, hammer a copper broach and learn how to spin wool!


They then had a chance to go into a replica Viking longhouse and 'row' a viking longboat.  What a fantastic (if slightly chilly!) day!


See above for photos of our adventure!

Viking shields


In class we had a go at designing and creating our own viking shields.  We had to think about the colours that they would have used and the designs that they might have included.  We then made them!

Welcome to a new Autumn Term


Another year has arrived!  The children in Class 3 have a lot to do!

So far we have already had harvest festival and written some fantastic stories based on the Enormous Turnip!


We are also in the middle of learning about the Vikings...More to follow soon!

Ellen the artsist


Over the last term we have had Ellen come in and work with each class in school.  In Class 3 we created picture frames using cardboard, tissue paper, clay and other resources.  We then painted them in two colours, learning about the colour wheel and which colours work well together.


After that we used a range of black and white photos of our school from the 1960's right through to the current Class 3 children.  We used bright colours to make different aspects of the pictures stand out.  These were then framed and used as part of the overall design Ellen had created.

Ellen the Artist

Summer term


We can't believe that it is already the start of the summer term!  Once again we are going to make sure Year 3 are kept busy.


This terms topic is 'Health and Fitness'.  The children will be looking at how our bodies work and the best ways to look after them.  We have already started looking at the eat well guide!


Image result

Shoe Box Theaters


Earlier this term we wrote play scripts based on fairy tales.  Then as part of Arts week, we designed and created shoe box theaters in which to put on a mini production based on the scripts we wrote.  

We are now looking forwards to being able to put on our performances for our classmates to see!

Shoe box theaters

Maths Mad!


Class 3 have been very busy learning all about measuring.  They have participated in lots of different activities that have ranged from measuring the lengths of dinosaurs (the actual length!) using trundle wheels on the playground, to having a capacity morning!  We are now experts!






Measuring in Class 3

Chinese new Year


To celebrate Chinese New Year, all the children in school got given an opportunity to make kites!  They then got to take them home and I have been told have had great fun flying them!


These are a few examples from Class 3

Animation in Year 3 2016

In Year 3 this year we have used the story of the Nativity to allow the children to develop their animation skills. The class all worked in pairs to create different parts of the Nativity story over a four week unit of work. They had to plan out their story using a story board, create the back drops and characters and then film, edit and save their own work. We then all worked together to move all files of animation into a final iMovie video for you all to see. This will soon be available on the website once we have upgraded the storage, I hope you all enjoy it! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

ELF & Safety


This week Year 3 and 4 teamed up for some seasonal science. Mr Hayhoe and Miss Dobbs received a letter from Santa Claus asking for help from the children. Their goal was to design a way for an elf to travel down a zip line safely and quickly. Finding a safe way for the elves to deliver presents would certainly reduce Santa's workload. 


Working in small groups, the children designed and built their creations for testing. They created some amazingly inventive designs, displaying superb scientific thinking and understanding of fair testing. 

Elf & Safety

Welcome to Class 3 2016-2017


It's always exciting to start an new year in school and this year is no different!


Half term is nearly upon us and we've already squeezed a lot in!


The children in Class 3 have already learnt lots about our new topic - Vikings                       !

They have learnt about where they came from, where they lived, what they believed in and have even had a go at making shields on 'No pens Wednesday'





We've also had a whole school European day of languages where Class 3 celebrated all things Icelandic.





We have also been working really hard in Numeracy on our fractions.  We even managed to squeeze some Smartie fractions problem solving in! 

(We didn't eat any either!)





Summer term in Class 3

Worcester Warriors Education team came to visit

Sam from Worcester Warriors Education Team came out to teach the children lots of skills that could then be used within a game situations.  It was great fun!


Space Seeds!



We even got to help out Tim Peake!  We

were one of the lucky schools which applied for and received 2 packets of seeds from Tim.  One pack had been into space and the other had traveled around the world.  We didn't know which were which!  


KS2 then split them up amongst the classes and we all got to grow some of the seeds.  Lots of measuring and recording happened and our results were then sent to the UK Space Agency to be analysed.  We will be sent the results at a later date.  We do however now know that it was the  Blue packet that went into space!



Spring term


Christmas has once again come and gone and Class 3 have come back raring to go!


This term we will be looking at 'Vikings.'  We have already done research on the iPads to find out facts and have learnt that they originally came from Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


Within Literacy we are learning about Play scripts and have had a go at doing some acting already.  This week we are looking forward to going on a whole school trip to see 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.' Photos to follow...

Little Red Riding Hood play scripts

The Great Eggsperiment


Year 3 and 4 had great fun just before Christmas with the Great Eggsperiment.

The challenge that was set was to create in mixed groups a way of getting their unboiled egg to withstand being dropped out of the window in school house.  

Here is how it went...


The Great Eggsperiment

We love to learn outdoors and have spent time creating clay creatures and faces using the outdoors as a stimulus.  These are some of our creations...

Outdoor art using clay

Autumn Term


Welcome to Class 3's Autumn term page!  What a lot we have already done and we have only been back for half a term!  During the first half term we looked at the topic water.  We learnt about the natural and the man made water cycle and even visited a sewage treatment plant, which was fascinating!


Sewage treatment Photos

We have also celebrate many things through special events such as a friendship day at Elmley Castle where we took part in lots of activities.  These included a village walk, a forest school session, artwork and sports

Summer Term


Once again Year 3 have been very busy! 


We have visited Cheltenham Science festival and learnt all about slime!  We also looked around their discovery area and learnt lots about glowing bacteria and how to make cars fly!












We attempted to watch the Solar eclipse.  Mrs Millar even bought us all special special glasses to protect our vision.  Sadly it was too cloudy to see much



Class 3 and 4 visited Upton Warren and spent the day doing outdoor and adventurous activities.  It was fantastic!!


We were looking at Romans as our spring topic and went to visit the Corinium museum in Cirencester

Pictures below!

Wow what a half term we have already had!


Over the last half term we have fitted so much in!

The children have been working with the  i sing Pop team (and created their own CD which the children could then purchase).           


We have also had European day of languages where we looked at Italy as our country.  We even had a continental breakfast. 




As well as all of that we have also been busy with our PE.  This term we have participated in KS2  cross country running where we used the Bredon playing fields to run 1.5 kilometers.



We have also had the chance to use the new shuffle boards in the school hall (great for a rainy day PE session!)




 Then in Computing we have had a chance to write and adapt programmes for the Bee-Bot app on the new ipads!


Don't worry there is still much to be done!  Christmas play here we come!



The summer term has nearly come to an end.

Class 3 have worked really hard this term and had lots of fun!

Below are some of the things we have been up to this term.


This week has been sports week and the children have been able to participate in a wide range of activities from karate to golf!   They have really enjoyed everything and had a fantastic sports day yesterday too!


Class 3 have had an amazing year, I wish them all the best in Year 4 where i'm sure the fun will continue!

Happy Holidays!