Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Love, Work, Achieve!

Wider Curriculum


Why is our natural world wonderful?

In Geography, we will be building upon the knowledge we gained in Year 1 about the continents. We will explore the location of the seven continents and five oceans, and begin to build our vocabulary to describe the size and scale of the continents in relation to each other. We will explore what a physical features is and explore our local area - Bredon - before widening our focus to Tewkesbury and Cheltenham/Gloucester, before exploring key physical landmarks across the United Kingdom.



Craft and Design: Map it out

In Art, we will be exploring different craft techniques to develop an idea. We will firstly investigate a range of different maps as a stimulus to draw our own map, using colour and adding detail. Following this, we will follow a set of instructions to map felt, using wool, and copy the shapes and colours from our maps. We will then explore different craft techniques to create an abstract composition, before using simple lines and shapes from our map to design a printing tile. As a class, we will then create a gallery to display our final pieces.


Design and Technology:

Cooking and nutrition: A balanced diet

As we move through our lessons, we will explore what makes a balanced and healthy diet. Firstly, we will learn how much sugar is in a variety of drinks, including 'healthy' juice, and categories different foods into their correct food groups. We will then explore and experience food through touch and smell, and identify ingredient combinations that we can use within our wrap, ensure it contains foods from more than one food group. We will then design, create, make and evaluate our own wrap.



Computing systems and networks - IT around us

In Computing, we will develop our understanding of what information technology is and begin to identify examples. We will discuss where they have seen IT in school and beyond, in settings such as shops, hospitals, and libraries. Children will then investigate how IT improves our world, and they will learn about the importance of using IT responsibly.



Fundamentals and Ball Skills

In our ball skills lessons, children will develop their fundamental ball skills such as throwing, catching, rolling, hitting a target, dribbling with both hands and feet and kicking. They will look to perform these skills with increasing control and accuracy using co-ordination and balance. children will have the opportunity to work independently, in pairs and small groups.


In our Fundamentals lessons, children will develop the fundamental skills of balancing, running, changing direction, jumping, hopping and skipping. Children will be given opportunities to work with a range of different equipment and they will be asked to observe and recognise improvements for their own and others' skills and identify areas of strength. Children will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with others, taking turns and sharing ideas.



Being Me in My World

This term, our focus is based around 'Being Me in My World'. We will explore our hopes and fears for the year ahead, creating our own worry monsters. We will also explore the terminology 'rights and responsibilities' to ensure that we recognise we all have rights as a child, and we have the responsibility to make the right choices. We will also explore rewards and consequences, linked to our 'Rainbow Code of Conduct' to help make our class a safe and fair place. Finally, we will explore creating our own learning charter, which we will follow to ensure our class is a fair and safe place.



Pulse, Rhythm and Pitch

Music has a pulse, a steady beat. Music is also made up of long and short and high and low sounds, called ‘rhythm’ and ‘pitch’. These elements combine when we sing and play. As we listen to, sing, play and dance to the music in this unit, we will explore these elements of music and how they work together. In each lesson, we will be introduced to a new song, which we will listen and respond to, before learning how to sing the song. We will also have an opportunity to add instruments to make a composition.