Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Work, Achieve!

Year 5

This week, Emily and George have both designed and labelled some fantastic imaginary plants. They have thought carefully about how they are adapted to their surroundings.

Will and Harry both wrote fantastic speeches, imagining what the tiny turtle might be saying!

Take a look at the beautiful art work that Amber and Thomas have created int he style of Henri Rousseau!

As we continue to learn about the Amazon Rainforest...

Here are some more examples of fantastic home learning! Jemima painted, and Sophie drew beautiful colourful pictures showing the animals in the different layers of the rainforest. Thomas has taught us all about jaguars and Amber produced a colourful leaflet on macaws. Lucy made a poster all about a frog's lifecycle and Robert made some beautiful origami butterflies which he strung together to make a mobile! 

Keep up the great home learning!

This week, I've seen some really careful symmetry work from many of year 5. Lily drew this fantastic frog and Will and Katie worked really hard to make the drawing of the spider really accurate. Chloe B and Katie wrote great letters to me from the Amazon Rainforest that I wanted to share with you too. Thank you all!

Yet more wonderful work...

Year 5 have been continuing to produce some fabulous work at home. We thought everyone might like to see the way these two pieces were presented. Jemima spent a long time making a leaflet about the Grand Canyon and Charlie did a great job with his boat investigation!

The Grand Canyon

Year 5 have taken a tour around the Grand Canyon. There has been some beautiful art work produced! We thought everyone would like to see these fabulous pieces.


Plastic is Not Fantastic

Year 5 have been thinking about how to look after our environment and the world we live in. We had some fantastic designs for items that could be created from recycled materials that we would like to share with you!