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Whole School Events

Please remember to check your child's own 'Class Pages' for all the wonderful events they have been involved in throughout the term! Thanks! 

European Day of Languages - September 2020

Each class studied a different European country for the day and dressed in the colours of the flag for that country. Factfiles were produced, art work was created in the style of artists from those countries, traditional stories were shared and year 5 tried their hand at Flamenco dancing! It was a great day of colourful, cultural fun.


World Book Day 2020

We had a fantastic day on World Book Day 2020. All the children took part in dressing up as their favourite characters from fiction and non fiction texts. We all shared stories with parents and other children and in mixed age groups created some fantasric adventures which we shared with all the classes. It was a great day for all, thanks to all the teachers for sharing their favourite stories with all the classes, for the parents and Governors who helped us with Bedtime Stories at the end of the day and Miss Hitchman for organising such a fantastic celebration of books! 


The Lost Sparkle of Christmas!

Choir sing at the Village Hall​​​​​​​

Children in Need 2019

This year has been a great year in school for Children in Need. We all took part in the 'Big Morning Move' with Jo Wicks's support. All the children brought in a pound and wore 'sporty clothes' in order to join in with the exercise session. We also brought in our 'pennies for Pudsey' and covered Pusdey's face. The day ended with a fantastic cake sale with the help of many of our parents. Thank you everyone for turning our day into a special event and most importantly raising money for a great charity. We will keep you all posted over the next few weeks on the total of money we have raised as a school! 

Anti-Bullying Week 2019

This half term all the children took part in a fantastic workshop delivered by 'One day creative'. We took part in exploring the meaning of bullying, how we can work with each other in a better way and how we can solve situations we may find on the playground. The children loved the session, created some fantastic freezeframe story telling  and developed a wonderful knowledge about the topic. A big thanks to Becky for the workshop! Well done everyone! 


Parliament Week 2019

This week the children at Bredon Hancock's have been investigating Parliament Week and what 'parliament' means. The children have developed their understanding via a whole school assembly and then each class has either had a vote, debate or ballot on a matter of importance to them. This has ranged from grading the results of a science experiment to debating if schools should wear school uniform! 

It has been an interesting week and I know the children will be ready for any more elections later this year! 


Mr Dennis 

Worship Group Assembly - October 2019

The children who have joined 'Worship Group' this year took part in their first assembly of the year this week. They worked hard on creating an assembly based around 'Thankfulness', our half term value, and performed a wonderful assembly containing a very thought provoking message. Thanks to all the team and we cannot wait for the next assembly! 

Community Play Leaders Assembly- October 2019

The children all took part in an assembly on how to shape the future of their local park. We were joined by Karen, Martin and Debbie from Bredon Community Playing Fields and they discussed with the children the future of our community project. Lots of new ideas were discussed and we also launched our 'Bredon Play Leaders' project with Key Stage 2. Next half term the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 will put themselves forward to support the development of the playing fields and help the children in our school develop events and improvements to our park. It is a very exciting scheme and one we cannot wait to help! 


Mr Dennis  

Reading treats. Those of us who had read 20 times or more this half term got to go for a treat with either Mrs Millar or Mr Dennis this week. We really enjoyed spending time with them, we had a great time playing football and those of us who went for afternoon tea loved that too.

Harvest - October 2019

We celebrated Harvest this year a little later in church on 18th October 2019. The children all took part and kindly shared their gifts as a donation to the Tewkesbury Foodbank. All the classes described the learning they have covered about Harvest from Reception singing a beautiful song about a farmer and his tractor to Year 5 describing how farmers in developing countries will benefit from Fairtrade and the ECO VEG project. As a school, we will continue to help the Christian Aid program. This will be done by planting and growing our own vegetables in order to raise vital money to buy seeds for the ECO VEG project in India. Thank you one and all for coming to our service and helping us with this important project! Please look out for our vegetable sales later in the year. 

Our Harvest Tea was a huge success. The children loved putting on their presentation for family members who could not attend the Harvest Service. The cake was excellent too! 


Hinduism and Diwali workshops - 11th October 2019

Children and teachers enjoyed a fascinating day of workshops, learning about the Hindu faith and how Diwali is celebrated. We were able to dress up as characters from the story of Diwali, ask questions and investigate artifacts. With the smell of incense and traditional music being played, it really was an atmospheric experience enjoyed by all.

Cluster Football Tournament at Evesham United Football Club – October 2019


This week, Mr Hayhoe had the privilege of taking a number of KS2 children to the local cluster football tournament in Evesham. Both teams were fantastic and picked up some excellent victories. What was most impressive was their excellent teamwork skills and super attitude. They really did epitomise the school values brilliantly, particularly those children who were representing the school for the first time.


Congratulations on being fantastic KS2!

Cross Country Key Stage 2 - October 2019

Year 3, 4 and 5 have been busy building up their running and fitness skills in preparation for our annual Cross Country tournament. As a Key Stage, we have been visiting Bredon Playing Fields, to run our very own Cross Country track and try and beat our own individual running times. There has been a quick pace this year and even Mr Dennis has doen a little running! Keep checking in with your children to see how they are doing each time! 


Open the Book - September 2019

This year we have once again been joined by the team from 'Open the Book'. They have performed wonderful assemblies for the children and made traditional bible stories come to life. It is always one of the children's favourite assemblies and we cannot wait for all the different inspirational tales they will take us on this year! 

Thank you! 

Coffee Afternoon and Cake Sale - 27th September 2019

Year 5 hosted a coffee afternoon to raise money for MacMillan. With delicious cakes donated from families throughout school, they chatted to our visitors, served drinks, cakes and biscuits and encouraged the visitors to play a game of "dunk the biscuit in the tea." Their hard work raised an amazing £186.20 for MacMillan!

After school, a cake sale was held to raise money for a local child, Oscar Saxelby-Lee who needs treatment abroad and yet another incredible £165 was collected!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who baked or bought a cake, helped out on the day and donated during the afternoon. Well done to you all!

Mrs Eeles

European Day of Languages, 26th September 2019

To celebrate the European Day of Languages this year, each class learnt about a different country around the world, where French is spoken. While Reception heard all about France, Year 1 learnt about the Gambia and tasted some fruits grown in Africa. Year 2 found out about Madagascar and created animated videos of animals from the country, year 3 studied Canada and year 4 went to the Pacific island of Vanuatu where they looked at traditional food and clothing. Year 5 researched information about Belgium and created fact files on the country. It was fascinating to compare the culture of these countries to our own. The children were surprised to learn how many places in the world have French as an official language and everyone learnt some new French vocabulary during the day!


School Year 2018-19

Harvest Festival


The whole school went to our local church, St Giles' , to celebrate Harvest festival.  Every class shared something they had learnt about.  For example Year 3 retold the story of Evil pea, Year 4 baked bread and Year 5 shared information about war time harvests.

Harvest Festival

Cross Country 2018-19

This term the children have been testing themselves by taking part in three sessions of Cross Country up at our fantastic Bredon Playing Fields. All the children, throughout Key Stage 2, took part and set their own best times. On each following occasion , the children aimed to then beat their times. From all of these times we chose a Key Stage 2 team to take part in a Cluster Cross Country team. All the boys and girls performed so well at the competition, and we were lucky enough to have a member of our school go on and take part in County trials! We love our sport here at Bredon Hancock's! 

Thanks Mr Dennis 

Cross Country

We started this year by testing our fitness. A man called Mike from GymRun Colours came out to help us and we all got a badge to say how good we were. Hopefully our fitness will improve throughout the year!

Football 2018-2019

The children in Key Stage 2 have had a fantastic year this year with their football. We have loved playing games in the League and the Cup Cluster competitions and all of our boys and girls have represented the school with great pride and respect! We are pleased to announce that Bredon Hancock's won the League this year! A fantastic achievement for all involved! A big thank you to all the children, parents and carers who have helped support us and drive children to home and away matches! 

Many thanks everyone! 


Mr Dennis 

Football Photos 2019

Children in Need 2018

The children have loved taking part in Children in Need this year. We all loved coming to school in our pyjamas, collecting our pennies and buying some delicious cakes in the hall! We always love raising money for a fabulous charity and look forward to raising more money in the future! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

Children in Need 2019

Cinderella Ice Skating 2018

The children all enjoyed a special Christmas treat this term. We all travelled to Solihull Ice Rink where Key Stage Two enjoyed the Cinderella on Ice extravaganza with one of our own students, Beatriz, being one of the skaters. The children and staff all loved the experience and were so proud of our Year 5 ice skater! What a lovely way to end the term! 


Mr Dennis 

Cinderella Solihull

Mr Falvey and a lady from the paramedics came in to talk to us all about defibs. We decided to help Mr Falvey raise money to install a new defib by the shop near us; just in case anyone needs it one day! We raised £200 doing lots of great things.

I Sing Pop

During the Spring Term, all the children in school took part in the fantastic I Sing Pop experience. We were joined by a member of the I Sing Pop team and all the children took part in four fantastic days, learning the songs and then recording a CD. 

We then got the chance to take part in two fantastic performances in our local church and shared what we have learnt we all of our families and friends. We hope you all enjoyed the experience, as we know the children have and we look forward to singing these fantastic songs for many years to come! 


Mr Dennis 

iSing Pop 2019

Assembly with Pastor Shane

We have been very lucky to be joined by Pastor Shane over the last term. He has given us some marvellous assemblies in a very fun and exciting way! We cannot wait to see him back soon! 

Pastor Shane 2019

Parliament Week 2018

During the week the children have all taken part in discussions and debates in class about a range of topics which are important to them and their life in school. These ranged from what time school should start and end to the name of a school pet!

The children all took part in an assembly at the start of the week discussing the importance of parliament, what it does for us in the UK and the importance of all of us having a vote. This is especially important this year as we are remembering the anniversary of women in the UK gaining the ability to vote.  


Mr Dennis 

Parliament Day 2019

Stay and Play 2018-19

The children and parents have all been enjoying our 'Stay and Play' sessions across the school. The attendance has been wonderful for all year groups and the children (and staff) have loved playing such an array of different board games. Thanks you to all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and carers who have attended, it is a pleasure to see you all here! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

Stay and Play 2019

Our KS2 netball teams did a wonderful job at the cluster festival this week. They showed great sportsmanship and put into play all of their new skills.

Bedtime Stories ran alongside World Book Day this year and we loved it. We really enjoyed having some extra stories that night before bedtime.

Maths Numbers Day 2019

This term the whole school celebrated maths in recognition of the NSPCC. All the classes, and staff, in the school dressed up in clothes with numbers, shapes or mathematical symbols on them. We then took on a maths challenge inspired by a specific book. This work was developed in conjunction with Maths Through Stories and was a fantastic experience for all! Please enjoy the photos below, and we cannot wait until our next Numbers Day! 



Rugby Tournament 2019

We took part in the cluster rugby tournament. All the children from Year 4 and Year 3 had a fantastic time, played some great rugby and scored some brilliant tries. A big thanks to our parent coaching team who did a fantastic job, and we look forward to taking part in the competition again next year! 

Tag Rugby 2019

STEM Week - Brilliant bridges 


During our STEM week, Year 3 and 4 teamed up to complete a bridge building challenge.


We started off by looking at lots of different types of bridges that can be found in the world. The children were amazed by the  Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China, some of them even bravely suggested that they would cross it themselves. 


Using a variety of junk resources, the children had to create a bridge that would cross a 30cm gap between two tables. We then tested the strength of their creations by seeing how many marbles it could hold without collapsing. 

Internet Safety Day 2019

The children have enjoyed Internet Safety Day this year. All the children took part in either a Key Stage 1 or a Key Stage 2 assembly and focused on the special message of the week. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed meeting 'Zap and Zoom' and developed their understanding of making the correct choices online. The children in Year 3, 4 and 5 all took part in an assembly about permission online and how we can choose to give it or not. 

All the children in Year 4 and Year 5 were then joined by Fran Greenway, a local authority expert, who discussed with the children 'online permission' and developed lessons based on the theme.  She also joined us before school where she held a 'drop in session' for all parents to discuss their worries and concerns about the internet and how we can help our children become better 'Digital Citizens'. 

A big thanks to Sarah Knight, who joined Year 5 in exploring permission during our E Safety lesson during the week! 


Mr Dennis 

Internet Safety Day 2019

Key Stage 2: Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Cinderella

The children in Year 3, 4 and 5 have developed the wonderful play of Roald Dahl's version of Cinderella. It has been a huge team effort to develop this play with all teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and children developing lighting, backdrops, props, costumes, dancing, musicians and acting. The children have produced a wonderful play and displayed a great deal of confidence, creativity and perseverance. They are a real credit to yourselves and to the school and we are very proud of all of them! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 


Cinderella 2019

Football Match - Norton Juxta Kempsey May 2019

Our Year 3 and Year 4 children went over to Norton Juxta Kempsey this term to play a friendly fixture with our friends over in Worcester. The children loved the experience, played some fantastic football, had terrific sportsmanship and manners. We are looking forward to seeing all the guys again next year during our league season! A big thanks to all the parents for the support in getting the children over to Norton! 


Mr Dennis 

E Safety with our PCSO's 

A big thanks to Jenny and Julie, our PCSO's, who came into school in the Summer term to share E Safety tips with Class 3 and Class 4. The children took a great interest in all the tips that were shared and displayed a really good understanding of how to stay safe online. We look forward to seeing them again later in the term with Year 5 and Key Stage 1! 

Many thanks 

Mr Dennis 

Swimming 2019

The children have all taken part in swimming this term. Each Wednesday the children throughout the school have visited Tewkesbury Swimming Baths and developed their own individual skills in swiming. The term ending in a magnificant swimming gala at Pershore Swimming Baths where the children took part in competitions and races. What a fantastic event and a big thanks go to our swimming teachers and Miss Hitchman for all their hard work! 


Bellboating 2019

All the children in the school have taken part in Bellboating this term. Key Stage 2 enjoyed a blustery but enjoyable day on the river learning to work in teams and race against each other. The children in Year 4 and Year 5 then took part in the Cluster Bellboating tournament in Pershore. We did very well, managed to take home two trophies and most importantly had a great time. A big thanks to all the parent helpers who supported us in the boats and a special thanks to Andy Train for his dedication to the Bellboating cause! 

Sports Week 2019

Once again the school took part in a wonderful 'Sports Week' this year. The children tried all manner of different sports including: martial arts, Pound exercice classes, Kidditch, cross country and many others. The children all took part in a fabulous 'Sports Day' at Bredon Playing Fields and enjoyed taking part in many House competitions including kick ball, football and netball. What a great week and a huge thank you to Miss Hitchman for organising a wonderful week!  

School Year 2017-2018

The school celebrates 300 years of service to its community!


What a great day was had by all on Friday 15th June 2018. It all started with a visit from some very important people including the Bishop of Worcester, who came in to have a look around our school and bless our new ‘Garden of Reflection’ and Catherine Driscoll the Director for Education for WCC. We all then headed down to Church for a very special service. It was then back to school for a family celebratory picnic where there was plenty of food including a magnificent cake kindly donated by Class Catering along with lots of other goodies supplied by parents. Trees were planted by Derrick Grainger, (former Head Teacher), Father Matthew & Councillor Adrian Hardman. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who came, donated a cake, helped set up and clear away. Special thanks to Mrs Wilding for her artistic flair in decorating the field and around school. We had lots of comments about how festive and beautiful school looked and how well behaved our children were. Thank you to Mrs Bolem-Edwards for making her ‘Bishop Bear’ which was presented to Bishop John on the day and to Mrs Holliday for her piloting skills in producing a spectacular aerial photo of the school. Special note also to Wendy Stafford for making our beautiful stained glass window with some designing help from our children. Now please enjoy the plethora of photos kindly taken by Meg Hanlon.


A huge well done to everyone who took part in the World Book Day reading challenge. You all read in some interesting places and to a range of people.

Take Over Day 2018


The children in Class 5, once again, took over the school to great affect this half term. The children wrote letters of application for a range of jobs around the school, edited all their own work and finally took part in interviews for all the key positions.

On Thursday the class then took on these roles and held an assembly, taught a range of lessons from Reception to Year 4 (that they wrote and resources themselves), and took part in a staff meeting! The children learnt a great deal from the day, and maybe realised how hard it is to work in a school! 

Many thanks

Mr Dennis 

Internet Safety Day 2018


This half term we celebrated Internet Safety Day. All the children took part in activities across the school including a whole school assembly and seperate KS1 and KS2  lessons. The children all learnt a great deal about staying safe online and we look forward to displaying our new E Safety posters around school. For more information on e safety have a look at or


Mr Dennis 

Commando Day 2018

During the Spring Term the children enjoyed taking part in Commando Day. The children from Key Stage Two took part in observation activities, assault courses and team tasks. It was a fantastic day, and one we will look to repeat in the future! Enjoy the photos! 


Commando Day 2018

GLEE go to Young Voices

Elvis the Elf - Christmas in a snowglobe. All of the KS1 children tried really hard this week in their christmas play. There were lots of words and songs to learn but they all did a great job and we are very proud of them.

Parliament Week 2017

This has been our first week taking part in Parliament Week. All the children around the school have learnt about the Houses of Parliament and taken part in many different debates. It has been great fun and has taught the children all about democracy and its role in our community. 

Anti Bullying Week 2017

This week we have enjoyed a very educational and fun series of drama workshops. Mrs Hastings taught us about our feelings and some strategies to help us in the playground in many different situations. What a great experience during one of our most important weeks of the year. 

Children in Need 2017

What a great time we have had this year. We all enjoyed a day in our pyjamas and loved eating some of the delicious cake. Thank you to everyone for supporting this hugely important charity! We will let you know how much we have raised when we have counted all of our pennies! 


We also took a small group of children to the county cross country event. They did really well and we have 2 children who will be invited to the district event! Well done once again to all involved.

We took our football team to participate in the cluster tournament. They played really well and showed great team spirit and sportsmanship too.

We took a group of children to the cluster cross country event at Bushley and they did so well. We were so sucessful. Our Year 5 girls and Year 4 boys won as a team and our Year 5 boys team came second. We also had Charlie, and Marley coming 1st in their races and Marley and Catherine coming 2nd. We are very proud of all of our runners.

Bedtime Stories. We were lucky enough to be joined by lots of adults, teachers and Govenors alike to share stories with us. We loved listening to them; they chose some great ones!

Police Visit 2017

Last week all the children in the school were visited by Julie and Jen, our local PCSO's, who visit us regularly to share important messages with us all from the police. This visit, Jen and Julie, focused on how to stay safe during Bonfire Night and Halloween. We learnt lots of important rules on staying safe and most importantly how to have fun! We look forward to seeing them both again in January!   

This year we held our very own swimming gala to celebrate all of our wonderful swimmers. We took a big range of children who competed really well in the pool and made us all very proud. They showed off some real talent ; especially those in the mixed relays, 4 of whom swam an entire length butterfly! Well done to everyone involved.

Sports Week

As a school we took part in a huge range of events this year. We learnt some new hip hop moves, a few fencing skills and took part in a plyometrics class; which was a really good work out! We enjoy being active and certainly found some new fun ways to do this. We also raised lots of money for Cancer Research by running our race for life where collectively we ran a really long way. 

We also took part in lots of house events and a there was a great deal of sportsmanship shown throughout the week, including during sports day itself. 

Den Day 2017

This year we all took part in Den Day for the second time. It was a fantastic opportunity for children to work collaboratively across the year groups and support each other in learning about how some children live around the world. The children were very creative in their constructions and everyone loved the day! 

Thank you to everyone for all the kind donations of materials and to all who helped recycle them all at the end of the day! 





Alice in Wonderland

The children in KS2 performed a wonderful series of play performances over the latter stages of the Easter term. All the children in the key stage were involved as either actors, singers, dancers, stage hands, musicians and even sound and lighting technicians. In total four sold out performances were held in front of parents, extended family, the rest of the school and members of the local community including two play groups. It was a play never to forget and the staff were extremely proud of our very talented KS2 children, well done all! 

Alice in Wonderland

Takeover Day 2017

This half term Year 5 took over the school on Friday 10th February 2017. The children took on all the roles the teachers and adults perform in school. The children enjoyed carrying out assemblies, learning walks, writing reports, teaching lessons and then the marking! The whole school enjoyed the day and I know the children in Year 5 learnt a great deal about researching for jobs, applying for them, interviewing for the role and then carrying the role out! What a great day!

Takeover Day 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

The children had a wonderful time during Chinese New Year. The day started with an assembly from Mrs Millar where the children told the story of how the Chinese New Year began! Masks and a lot of fun was all involved! 

In class the children made Chinese Kites, that I am sure they have enjoyed flying at home! The children were able to decorate them with patterns and characters from the Chinese New Year. All the children enjoyed a Chinese New Year meal in school on Thursday. What a fantastic day! 



Stupendous science week


The children have had a fantastic week learning about 'change'. Class 3 & 4 looked at insulators, discovering which materials affect the melting times of ice cubes. They also got into a 'sticky situation' with marshmallow and spaghetti bridge building. 


We saw amazing collaboration by Year 2 and Year 5 children during their pirate / space mashup. The children had to design and create a pirate ship that could transport a meteor. They learnt tonnes of information about floating, sinking and water resistance. Year 1 also investigated water with their 'Float a Frog' challenge. Some of the boats even managed to hold 50 frogs above the water!!!

Wow! What a wonderful group of budding scientists we have in Reception. They were so excited about their ice topic that loads of them went home to investigate what happens when you put fruit and vegetables in the freezer. The children loved studying the ice but recommend that you don't put your fresh strawberries or bananas in the freezer. Yuck!!!



The Hive - Year 4 and 5

Early this term Year 4 and 5 went to the magnificent library 'The Hive' in Worcester city centre. The children learnt about how books are dealt with in the library,how we can borrow them and the many services the library has to offer. All the children became members of the library in Worcester, received a card and were able to borrow a book too! A great trip and a wonderful experience for all the children! 

The Hive visit - Year 4 and 5

Christmas 2016

The children in school have all enjoyed a fantastic time during this festive period. They have all made a 'Christingle', created their own party hats, KS1 and KS2 Christmas Discos, enjoyed a festive meal and took part in a wonderful 'Christmas Jumper Day'. The children also had a surprise visit from Father Christmas himself and Key Stage One performed a wonderful Nativity service in church. What a great end to the calendar year! 

iSing POP 2016

This term we have welcomed back Sarah and her iSing POP team to school. She helped all the children and staff create a wonderful pair of performances in church that I am sure you all enjoyed as much as we did in school. What a wonderful treat this close to Christmas! Thank you all for your support! 

E- Safety 2016

During the early part of December Ms Jane Finch came into school to remind the children in Year 4 and 5 all about E-Safety. In a practical and clever way the children were reminded about the dangers of the internet and how to be great Digital Citizens! 


Remembrance Day 2016

The school were all reminded of the sacrifices many of our ancestors have made during the past World Wars. The children in Class 5 created a poignant assembly to explain the meaning of the day to all the children, staff and Class 5 parents. They then went around the school and helped the other classes take part in a minutes silence. Thanks you for all your support in purchasing poppies in support of the Royal British Legion. 

Diwali Day and Interfaith week 2016

During this term the children enjoyed 'Diwali Day' as part of our 'Interfaith Week'. The children all loved a visit from an Indian Dance specialist and took part in creating and performing their own dance for Diwali! What a fantastic experience for us all! 

Children in Need 2016

The children had a great day today in their pyjamas and so did the staff! The children enjoyed buying their cakes at morning play and loved eating them during playtime. Due the huge generosity of our parents the cake sale went on after school as well! All the money raised will go to the wonderful Children's In Need charity! We will let you know the full total  as soon as possible! Thank you for all your support! 

Children in Need 2016

Cluster Football 2016

During November some of the  children from Year 3, 4 and 5 took part in a cluster football competition over at Evesham United Football Club. The children were a real credit to the school and played good football coupled with excellent sportsmanship. Our Year 4 and 5 A team finished mid table in their league whilst our Year 3 and 4 team reached the final, narrowly missing out on winning the league in a penalty shoot out! A huge congratulations to all the children who took part and we now cannot wait till next year! Thanks to Mr Hayhoe, Mr Barton and Mr Dennis and all the parents for the support! 

Bedtime Stories 2016

This term the children have taken part in our second Bedtime Stories event. The children shared stories read by both teachers and Governors and enjoyed eating a special bedtime treat of toast and hot chocolate! Many thanks to all the parents who supported the event and buttered many pieces of bread! 



School Year 2016-17

Sports Week

Wow! What a fantastic week. The children have taken part in a range of activities, including rocket ball, karate and circuits. We also had sports day where all the children raced brilliantly and supported their teams enthusiastically. A big thank you to 'Friends of Bredon Hancocks' for organising the events after the races and thank you to the families for supporting them.

We have new records for long jump, shot putt and javelin which we're getting really good at.
KS1 and Reception are in training to be even better at them when they get to KS2!


​We had fantastic sportsmanship in all of the house netball, football and kickball games and some fantastic sports skills too. Well done to the winning houses of each event.

Finally we completed a Race for Life and raised lots of money for a cause close to us as a school. Thank you to all of the parents who came down to join in; we needed an extra boost at the end of such a busy week!
This is always a highlight of the year as it brings together children and families, our children are so supportive to each other and we have a great time being really active.
Special mention goes to our KS2 boys who managed to run around 12km individually. We'll look out for you in the news in the years to come!

Netball and Football matches against other schools.

A huge well done to our KS2 football and netball teams who played against other schools this year. We hosted Broadway St Mary's for a football and netball match one Tuesday evening and we were really proud of how well both teams played.


Whole School Queen's Birthday Party June 2016

On a sunny afternoon in June we all celebrated the Queen's birthday with a great tea party on the school playing fields. The whole school came together to share in some wonderful food, sang the National Anthem fantastically and performed a great rendition of Happy Birthday. Well done everyone! 




Den Day 2016

What a fantastic day we have had today with our celebration of Den Day. The children have all collected, used and recycled a huge amount of resources to make Den Day a great success. The children worked in mixed aged groups to create some wonderful dens whilst having so much fun! We also made a great deal of money for 'Save the Children'. Well done everyone! 





Queen's Birthday Party Key Stage One

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all enjoyed a wonderful party for the Queen's birthday. All staff and children wore brilliant costumes and enjoyed making sandwiches, decorating cakes and designing plates. What a great day! Thank you to Bredon Playgroup who joined in all the fun as well! 



Eco Week 2016

Market Street ended a great Eco Week this year this Friday where the children and staff all enjoyed sampling a variety of Eco friendly made food. We all enjoyed jellies, smoothies, biscuits and crisps. We also even sampled chocolate flavoured crickets! Thanks you to all the visitors and families who attended! 

World Book Day and Art Week 2016

This week has been an amazing week in school. We have had a great dressing up day for World Book Day and there were some amazing costumes this year. We have also enjoyed working with Elmley Castle on many different art forms to create a joint 'Gruffalo Book', simply brilliant! 





Tanzania 2016

This week we have been joined by our visitors from Tanzania. We have all had a really enjoyable week showing how our school here in Bredon welcomes visitors. We have had the opportunity to display all the brilliant experiences our school children have in school and our visitor was very impressed. Well done one and all! 

Malvern 2016

The children in Year 5 have been to Malvern Outdoor Centre this week. They have experienced climbing balance poles, orienteering, rock climbing, archery and even made their own beds and sandwiches! Miss Pugh, Mr Dennis and Miss Greenwood were all very proud of the children and we are all ready for a rest! 





Take Over Day 2016

This week the children in Year 5 have worked on taking over the school. We have had children become Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Admin Staff. The children had a great day, kept all the staff on their toes and have had a glimpse of life at work. 





Bedtime Stories

Thank you to everyone who came to Bedtime Stories event. It was great fun and we hope to do another one in the future. We raised lots of money for our Tanzanian link through enjoying some favourite stories of the staff and governors.

Young Voices. Glee went to sing in an arena in Birmingham. They were part of a choir with thousands of other children which was great fun and all of the parents enjoyed watching them too.

European Day of Languages

Children in Need 2015