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S Knight

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I have three sons who are at Bredon Hancock’s. Quinn is in currently in year 4 (and moving into year 5) from September 2016, and Joel and Dylan who start reception in September. I have lived in Bredon for almost 7 years with my husband Glen. I have been a parent governor for a year and feel very privileged to have this opportunity to support our school.


Why did you want to become a governor?

I have always worked in education – as a chemistry lecturer in South Africa, as an e-learning manager at Gloucestershire College and currently for an organisation Jisc, which supports colleges, skills providers and universities with their use technology to more effectively support their students’ experience. I am passionate about making learning more engaging and ensuring our children are developing the skills they need to become effective learners in a digital world. We are very fortunate at Bredon Hancock’s that our children have so many and varied learning opportunities both in and outside of the classroom. I enjoy working with and supporting Mrs Millar and her brilliant staff to ensure our children experience the best possible start to their education.

As e-safety governor, I am keen to ensure that both parents and our children know how to keep safe online. We have a responsibility to model the responsible behaviour set at school and to encourage an open conversation with our children about how they use their devices, what sites they access and how they behave online. I will be working with Mr Dennis over the next year to continue to raise awareness of the importance of this topic and what we can all do to keep our families safe.