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Mindful Me

Welcome to our Mindful Me page!


Here at Bredon Hancock's First School, we understand the importance of good mental health and well being.


Over the past year we have tried lots of new and exciting things to help us be more positive and happy!


Mrs Budrey has set up a Mindful Me club which has been very popular and we have had lots of fun trying new activities whilst developing our emotional resilience.

The club is all about finding new ways of letting off steam, relaxing and managing our emotions more effectively.  We know that we all have bad days.... it is important to have them as it helps us to know when we have had a good day.  Knowing how to deal with disappointment, sadness and anger can be hard..... that is why we come to Mindful Me club.... to help us manage these emotions (as well as having fun!).


Hello to our parents, children and visitors!


In our club, we try to do new activities each week.  I hope to add some photographs and details of the activities we have done, so you can share these with your children and maybe even try some out?!?


I will also be adding some documents on here with activities and ideas to do as optional work at home.  I would love to hear about what you have been doing as extra activities and if you want to put photos or evidence in your folders then that would be lovely- although this is NOT a requirement for club members.


At present, our Mindful Me club is only open to children in KS2.  After Christmas, I would like to extend this to our KS1 children, as well as any new members.  The resources on this page are not exclusively for members of our Mindful Me club.... it would be great for any members of our school or community to have the opportunity to enjoy similar activities whilst focusing on their mental health.


If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate in contacting me either on the playground or via the office!


Many thanks


Mrs Budrey