Bredon Hancock's Endowed

C of E First School

Dream, Believe, Work, Achieve!

Class 1

This half term, it would be useful if your child could do the following each week:


*5 mins reading at least 4 times

*5 mins handwriting

*CE words

*Complete a selection of the challenges from this half term's grid 

Well done everyone; we have had some awesome homework this half term! I have loved you sharing it with us all and I have learnt some interesting facts about dinosaurs, thank you.


The next lot of homework will be up shortly but for now enjoy a well deserved rest, keep reading and have a lovely holiday!


Miss Hitchman :)

Homework in Year 1 will develop throughout the year. At the moment it would be useful if you could spend 5/10 minutes 4 times a week doing the following:



*Looking at Common Exception words



As the year moves on we will add a few extras into this but for now these things are really important. It really does make a big difference to them and it's also great to start thinking about a routine for doing work at home early; they'll have to do it lots as they grow up!


As part of our shift in homework as a whole school, we are also offering a range of activities for you to do at home with the children over the space of a half term. Each activity earns points and children will get certificates for the following number of points:

Bronze - 50 points

Silver - 70 points

Gold - 100 points


Your child can bring in the evidence of completing an activity at any point and we will collect their points and celebrate their homework in class. Below is our first homework grid which takes us up to October half term. Please note they do not have to complete all tasks!


Thank you so much for your support. I'm really excited to see what you get up to.