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Amazing Home Learning 2020

VE Day celebrations across our school community!

Sophie started early with her VE Day decorations!
Mrs Eeles and her boys!
Mrs Kay always dresses the part!
Mrs Arthur and her boys!
Miss Hitchman had a cup of tea and a slice of cake
Mrs Arthur baked a cake!
Mrs Butler enjoyed her VE Day lunch!
Mrs Millar's VE Day fairy cakes!
Mrs Millar and her "family"!!
Dani enjoyed her VE Day celebrations.
Dani made scones for VE Day afternoon tea.
Edward created a pic.collage of his VE Day!
Indie's VE Day tea!
Beautiful baking!
Oscar's homemade VE Day bunting!
Looking good Oscar!
Alice created VE Day bunting.
Alice and William decorated the cakes for tea!
A beautiful VE Day tea table!!
Mrs Hawkins made her own bunting for VE Day!
Seb and Olivia proud, next to their Union Jack.
Celebrating VE Day.

What have we been up to during lockdown?

Seb and Olivia - On the River
Seb and Olivia - On the River
Seb and Olivia - On the River
Seb and Olivia - On the River
Seb and Olivia - On the River
Seb and Olivia - On the River
Olivia and Seb on National Thank A Teacher Day
Ava and Poppy raised £100 selling their bracelets.
Barnaby and his sister made a rainbow for the NHS!
Barnaby and his dream catcher.
Chilling in the pool!
Homemade pancakes!
Barnaby slept "Bear Grylls" style!
An Easter gift for mum!
Lily and her mum out on horseback.
Lily's window mural.
Do chickens help with home learning?
Having a picnic!
Frankie getting her daily exercise.
Frankie pond-dipping
Frankie's Teddy Bear antics
Harrison getting his exercise!
Harrison making a healthy meal for the family.
Daily exercise!
Nathan experimenting!
Lily painting.
This is a great way to draw animals!
A beautiful spring table decoration.
Wonderful baking!
Timeout with cuddly toys!
Indie has been very helpful!
Daily exercise Indie?
Beautiful artwork.
There's more on your face Indie, than in the bowl!
Indie made a flower and grass soup!
Indie's rainbow.
Involving all members of the family in home-learning!
Keeping in touch with family.
Making a volcano.
Racing champion Ted!
Ready to eat a tasty Easter creation!
What a beautiful rainbow tree Rhys!
Indie doing target practice!
Ted at the seaside!
Ted helping with the roadworks!
Ted at Forest School!
Jenson has been busy fundraising!
Making & selling Hama bead rainbows for NHS!
Olivia bird spotting!
A Joe Wicks workout everyday!
Keeping a daily diary of lock down.
A message from Olivia and Seb!
Taking a daily walk!
Eating healthy snacks!!!
Guitar practice for Seb!
The wildlife in Florida is a bit scary!
Olivia H got super-creative with a T-shirt!
Miss H tidied up the spiritual garden!
Ava and Poppy raise over £200 now!
Alice working hard!
Making games to play together!
Beautiful window decoration the Morrissey family!
Daily exercise!
William has helped out with the cooking!
It is useful having an older brother to help!
Violin practice must continue!
Martha made lovely bead bracelets and sold them.
She's raised over £123 so far for NHS charities!
Jen's message of love!
Polly planned a camping trip!
Polly raised over £1100 for the Sue Ryder Charity!
She did a sponsored camp-out!
They had a brilliant time!

Things we have made during lockdown!