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Building Learning Power!

On Thursday 7th November 2013 we held an information evening for parents all about "Building Learning Power" (BLP). Thank you to those who came and found it very helpful. We have handouts in the office for those who want them, but I thought I would take this opportunity to elaborate a little for those who didn’t come.

This is a new strategy we are using to help our children become better learners, who are better "prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life"- DfE September 2013. Our school aims for our children include; "to develop enquiring minds and perseverance", as well "to become confident independent learners on the road to life long learning", and "to become polite, respectful and responsible members of society". We have always strived to do this but we believe we have found a way to inspire the children (and staff) to take these aspects of our curriculum a little more seriously.

Mr Dennis came to us from a school where implementation of BLP, across the school, had made a tremendous difference to the quality of learning taking place there. I had seen this for myself when I visited him in his school and I was blown away by the confidence and ownership displayed by his class of Year 1 children. They talked a language that included words like reflective, resourceful, resilient and reciprocal (the four Rs) and understood what that looked like in their learning. When Mr Dennis came to Bredon Hancock’s we talked about implementing BLP as a strategy to help our children become better learners for the future. We have all embraced it and the children are particularly enjoying improving their own learning techniques. They can recognise their developing skills and know what to do to do it better. They are becoming increasingly confident and independent in their management of their learning behaviours (right across the school!!) even after only half a term!

We have tailored the "look" of BLP to suit our school and chose a Tanzanian theme for our displays and rewards. The "four Rs" form the back bone of the strategy, and each of these is represented by a Tanzanian animal that the children decided best displayed the qualities and attributes associated with the word. Many of the children took part in a competition to decide these animals and there were some very well-informed suggestions! We have puppets of these characters for the classes to win each week. The children earn marbles for displaying attributes in the classroom and around school, which are counted up at the end of each week and celebrated during our Celebration Assembly at the end of the day on Friday. The class that has most displayed a particular Power wins the associated puppet.

As with everything we do in our school, we are always looking for ways to improve what we do to make our school better for every aspect of its community, and so we expect this to evolve as time goes by. Your input is important and developing your understanding of what we do and why is just a small part of us helping you to have a clearer picture of your child and the education they receive at Bredon Hancock’s. The meeting last night was very informative and entertaining! It would have been lovely to have more of you there, but I hope this helps for those who weren’t.